Arsenal Pre-season thread


Football Forums are meant to be self-righteous.

It’s all about one person and their cherry-picked facts going up against someone else and their cherry-picked facts, before one or other of them flip their lid and chuck in an insult, usually thinly veiled and accompanied by one of these -> :slightly_smiling_face:

Or maybe I’m just being self-righteous :speak_no_evil:



I read this forum every day and couldn’t disagree more. I actually think that most posters here, yourself included, show a level of insight, consideration and judgement far beyond what I would consider normal for a football forum.

I’m just sick to the back teeth of people taking a self aggrandizing moral high ground to infer that they somehow know better than everyone else. Unsubstantiated ridicule based solely on an opinion pisses me right off. As you may be able to tell.


1 game? 10 years more like…


Agree with you and it’s the kids around this place I can’t stand the most, people like Doctor, Calum, Luke etc, sometimes you’re like “am I really trying to discuss Football with 21yo”, I mean they weren’t even alive when Tony Adams played for us, embarrassing


I get that you’re taking the piss but if a 5 year old puts forward a well considered case it’ll get no ridicule from me.

I go by the saying, ‘better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.’ This is part of why I don’t post much since when it comes to football knowledge, I’m often outgunned.

I still know Theo was shit today though.



As if you didn’t have opinions when you were 21. Take it easy mate


I’ve had three pints which I think is just enough to have made me totally miss the sarcasm in the moment :sweat_smile:


Ah yes! Alcohol related poor judgement, if ever four words could sum up the last 10 years of my life, it’s those.



As I posted it I was thinking, “Holy shit, that’s out of character, Robin’s probably had a few drinks and is exercising poor judgement”

Much irony


I was oh so wrong. We will be seeing him again.




Kick-off in about an hour and half. Line-ups. Laca starts!

Who’s watching this?


Elneny at CB? Erm interesting.


:laca: and :giroud3: upfront. Future attacking duo? :santi2:


Bloody clash of kits!


Nonsense lineup really, I suppose we are short of centre backs on the tour without Gabriel, Mustafi and Holding


Didnt even think about it the other day…Smart tv. Doh!


We are playing fucking Sidney! Shut up and don’t moan ;). Maybe Elneny has good CB skills :grimacing:


Ohhh Laca.


WOW LACA! What a move!