Arsenal Pre-season thread


Mesut would have passed :slight_smile:




Walcott genuinely looked like he was out the door tonight; at the stadium he looked completely unbothered by anything and everything.


Didn’t take long :laca:


He already shits all over Walcock :laca:


Time to get him? :laca:


Glad I missed the game looking at the comments I forgot how much pain it causes me to watch Theo flap about for 80 minutes.

Great to see Laca get his first goal and Theo add another nail to his coffin.


Willock deserves his own thread.


Watched this game. My conclusions:

Walcott and Coquelin are still not first 11 material
Nelson is definitely the next Pires
Lacazette is the best striker in the PL
We’re going to win the league :sunglasses:


Did we play 3-4-2-1 the whole game or was there a formation switch at half time?

Did anyone other than Welbeck/Lacazette get a go upfront?


Good to see that after ONE pre season game, ie a warm up game, the FIRST game, people are looking to give the players a chance for the new season…lolololol

Nothing changes…


I trust you :grimacing:


You should Luca. I am never wrong.


If you are talking about the rants about walcott, if you managed to watch the game you will see they are fully justified. He has gone past the ‘bad performances’ to terrible ‘not give a fuck’ performances now. When you look at him on the level of the rest of the squad he looks so far behind even the kids like reiss nelson is shitting on him form a great height and walcotts attitude to it is not ‘ill raise my game’ its like ‘meh whatever’ literally looks like he gives no fucks anymore.


Go to every F.A. Cup games next season again :arteta:


By the way, the commentators only mentioned it about 75 times, so I need to make you all aware that the Australian GK had a 2 week trial at Arsenal…


Teach us oh wise one.

Show us the error of our ways.

Or just stick it up your self-righteous arse.

If you don’t agree with an opinion, at least have the acuity to offer your own rather than simply deride others’.

I challenge you to defend Theo’s performance today.

Think I need a smoke.


I dread to think what you’re smoking…