Arsenal Pre-season thread


Anyone else’s steam just black?


mine is fine might have to reload it


Dat guy :xhaka: :mustafi:


I have to keep refreshing every 15 mins or so. Seems to be when I go to a new tab to moan about Theo.


Our finishing has been dire today!

Time to bring on #Laca


AMN is better than Coquelin, no doubt about it.


:laca: to save us :laca:


This has got to be the end of Theo…ffs…


It’s live on youtube too. But with 1 minute delay or so.


this is what i hate about theo, people are always talking about his 19 goals but what does he offer the TEAM and with how much he misses anyone half decent could have 30 goals plus, it makes no sense to keep him he offers nothing to the team on the whole and he is crazily wasteful.


@Arsenal4thetreble will have kittens reading this when he wakes up.




Laca calmly puts away what Theo or Welbz would have scuffed.


These pink numbers are awesome


The whole kit is a big win for Puma.


ffs. Lacazette playing with Giroud like he’s Sanchez successor already.


What a boss he is! :laca:


how was the goal?


World-class tap in.


Theo would have missed it.