Arsenal Pre-season thread


Someone else having tea…


How are we playing? Is Laca playing?


Playing well esp the youngsters…Laca on bench


Theo just annoys me now. I mean, he’s always been a source of annoyance to an extent, but now he just annoys me.


Cheers mate :wink:


Theos limitations to the fore…


Ww got a BFG :per:


If Theo and Welbz were top quality it would be 3-0 by now, the youngsters have done well.


Nelson :eyes:


Season hasn’t started and I’m already fed up of Coq & Theo.


Theo is just infuriating to watch.


Absolutely no space for Theo anymore. Past his athletic prime and has very little else going for him. Contracted until the end of 18/19? :expressionless:


Nelson probably going to be subbed at HT so time to jump from the Nelson hype train to the Malen train.


Tired of watching him now, his shots are pathetic leaves little options for his teammates selfish with the ball and his shots and each time nothing good comes of it. He really needs to buck his ideas up or fuck off he is using squad space up i would rather see a fresh talent like Nelson or any top talent from the academy than seeing his staleness anymore.


Really hope Theo gets frozen out like he did at the end of last season. Waste of space.


useless cunt walcott, how many chances is that now like 10…still cant score!




Kolasinac is a real big unit.


God awful from Welbz


Theo and Welbz shooting is just fucking hilarious, Spurs have all the good English players its pretty annoying.