Arsenal Pre-season thread


I thought the same but then when Laca joins I’ll be wanting to check him out.




Welcome back mad Jens!


Already got more tactics than Wenger I see.


Looks like AW tested Jens’ loyalty Yakuza style.

I’d have gone with the pinky personally.



They’re off to put another shrimp on that barbie.


There were notable absentees from the touring squad with available players likes of Kieran Gibbs, Mathieu Debuchy, Wojciech Szczesny, Lucas Perez and Carl Jenkinson all left at home. It looks increasingly likely that all five will be playing their football elsewhere this season.

Pretty clear they will be off then


Missing my favourite all time AFL players 300th game to be in Sydney this coming weekend, its worked out disastrously but hopefully the Gooners at least play at 50%.


I don’t think we’ll sell either Gibbs or Debuchy, unless they actively push for a move. Both will need to accept big wage cuts you’d think

Perez and Szczesny obviously have both a greater desire to leave and interest surrounding them. No idea about Jenkinson :grimacing:


The Gunners have landed in Sydney


So do you live in Sydney or are you taking a flight from somewhere else to see them?


Live in Melbourne and taking a flight up on Friday to see them for the Saturday game against Western Sydney.


If I was a manager of any club outside the top 8, I’d consider Gibbs the ideal left back. He’s an England international, at a good age and with bags of experience at the top level. You’d think he’d be worth the punt especially given I don’t imagine we’d be looking for anything more than £15M for him.


Same, he’d be a great option for someone like WBA or Stoke or Newcastle.


Southampton too if they lose Bertrand.


This wallaby is like “Who the fuck are these cunts!?”.


In fairness to the wallaby I only recognise about half of them and I bet he’s not even an Arsenal fan.


it’s funny that our team just goes around in arsenal gear when we go on these tours, just like school uniform really