Arsenal Pre-season thread



Wonder if it’s a matter of Wenger thinking he’s surplus to requirements in midfield or a genuine CB option.


I think more the former tbh, then again we have our fair share of centre backs.


Nice one!




So we get our annual Bayern Munich fix this season shortly, I wonder if they try and kill us for banter purposes in pre season.


Revenge on Bayern needed


We have different definitions of revenge.


They’ve beat us 5-1 three times, only a friendly but would be nice to humble them


They’d probably just tweet something about beating us repeatedly when it actually matters


Chelsea game is on ITV this Saturday! Great stuff can see Laca for the first time live in an arsenal shirt. :smile:


Would love to beat these krauts at least this time :hipster:


Yeah beating them in the International Champions Cup would definitely make up for being knocked out of the Champions League on numerous occasions. Those Bayern numpties think they have the better of us, but little do they know this is what we’ve been waiting for, this is what it’s really all about… :kos2:


It does have ‘Champions Cup’ in the name so let’s pretend it’s a Pre Season Champions League


Isn’t it called the champions cup on Fifa?

That’s good enough for me.


We’re going to do the pre-season double over Chelsea :sunglasses: And then lose by at least 2 goals at Stamford Bridge. I am a stickler for tradition



Are you attaching any significance to that?


Leave it. We’re top!