Arsenal Pre-season thread


Fuck! Mesut hits the post! Should have scored here.
Ozil still under the spotlight. Almost assisted Per for another goal.


Bielik has looked good in both these games


Nice save here. Ozil is so fucking talented.
Another post! Fuck! We are so unlucky!
3-1 FT for us. Really nice win. Ozil is so fucking class, Giroud looks up for it, Laca showed promising signs and our youngsters impressed again.


Argh should of been 5-1.


Can’t wait to see :ozil2: and :laca: together. Boss football style coming :kos2:


Oezil needs no pre-season. He’s on it already. :giroud3: Some of his passes today were stunning.


You understand the premise of pre season right?


Seems to be a really poor troll!


Giroud and Lacazette are going to get along juuuuuust fine, there will be no problems here :lying_face:


What kind of team were you expecting?


Watched the open training session with @AW49, so we weren’t surprised to see Elneny at CB as that’s what he played in a 5 on 5 training session. Enjoyed the game last night and back in Melbourne feeling worse for wear now, amazing amount of Gunners fans in Sydney over the weekend.


Didn’t go to training session; but was in town to catch the Thursday game then had to hop back on the plane.

Oz crowd seemed to enjoy it, a lot.


Spend a long time in Aus did you ?


Born and raised, was in Sydney to see friends and family (timed to perfection).


Hey guys,

Does someone knows where the team will be training in Shanghai ? and if they will do public gathering/signing/whatever ? I can’t find any information on that.



Could be wrong but we’ll probably hold an open training session in the Shanghai Stadium just like Utd did last year.


Thanks ! But I can’t find when they’re gonna do it. I missed Real madrid 2 years ago, MU last year, would be nice to see Arsenal and Lacazette this year


I don’t like the way they let 5th placed teams into these “Champions” Cup events.




If you’re going to call yourself witty gooner your tweets better back it up