Arsenal Pre-season 2017/18


i assume you posted it because it’s laughably bad?


I explained why I posted it above. Because I thought people might be interested.

It’s highly speculative and based on a Daily Mail report (lol), but people seemed to be interested in the food poisoning angle so I thought people might be interested in this too as it’s on the same topic. It’s not like I endorsed what it said or said it was a great article, I just shared something I’d seen that was on topic.

Most football forums seem to basically run on unsubstantiated reports, particularly during the summer, so I didn’t think I’d be rocking the boat by chipping in with this article lol


Wether they had food poisoning or a virus we do know they had the shits and were being sick on the pitch


I don’t understand what you want from me


He wants the truth!


Nothing really, Maybe some agreement that that is a terrible artical based on absolutely nothing?



We started our actual pre season before them. Before our match with them we had 3 games to build match sharpness and fitness compared to their one.

It may seem like small difference but when it comes to preseason prep we were definitely ahead in terms of fitness


Don’t see what Kaner’s done wrong here, just clarifying an obvious attempt at fomenting Wenger hate/baseless anti-Wenger diatribes in an article that most surely won’t read (I know I didn’t).

Then again @JakeyBoy is just doing him, what with that despotic streak of his and thinly-veiled xenophobia toward South Americans.


You’ve already had words to almost that effect :smiley:

When are you going to realise that comedy just isn’t for you?


I personally love his South American stuff.


Plus my punmanship is unanimously well-received, so dunno where you’re coming from here Jakey. :bellerin:


it doesn’t quote anyone. Afaik there is no credibility in it.


My issue with it was the only thing the artical says the medics disagree with wenger on it the cause of the shits and vomiting

And wenger only said “it could be food poisoning”.

According to the artical the medics then said they have looked into it and none of the players ate the same thing so it must be a virus, Crazy shit man


The Emirates Cup is shown live on Quest TV. Never heard of it, is it UK?


Yup… it’s on Ziggo sport in the Netherlands if you have it.


It’s on Virgin channel 172- it’s basically 3 year old Discovery Channel so rather a strange choice. I wonder who they beat in the bidding?


AMN, Nelson and Willock the only youth players left in first team training.


I think Bramall didn’t convinced Arsène. This is another reason to keep Oxlade which can play on the left if Kolasinac or Monreal will be out.


I wonder if Bielik was just an omission by Jorge Bird, surprised he wouldn’t still be with the first team training. Willock has come out of nowhere, but he might just be making up the numbers in midfield (that’s where he played on the tour, no?).