Arsenal Kits Thread



Our socks should be red!


Used joined up writng text font on this so doubt you snobs can read this… Btw ban me then you dont have to see what sort of shit i use on my phone… Anyway beyter designef mugs comming £10 free postage unless posting to snob land…


I’ve got a better idea. Get fucking over yourself. People just stated an opinion ffs.


No…im bored and its onlinearsenals turn… Site full of. Agenda driven Bullies.


It’s all banter, you didn’t strike me as the sensitive type, don’t know why you’re taking it personally. It’s just a font on a phone lol, there’s no agenda.


I love the idea that @Bl1nk is an agenda driven bully :joy::joy::joy:


i aint bothered…its all games to me…

And if i did have personal grievances id pm rather than post for all to see… xx. shame my new font dosent show up…
Oh wait a minute…


What did I miss??



:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Giroud in a running stance in an arsenal shirt…hhmmm i sense some irony in this!


Sexy bugger.

Also our current third kit is on sale at the puma store, almost half price. Just ordered it now.

I liked it and apparently were undefeated wesring it so theres that.


Now and then when I’ve exhausted all logical avenues for information on Sheffield Wednesday, ill visit their forum, and it’s full of really odd types with long outdated senses of humour, posting some utter fucking nonsense, just like slag.


Incredibly sexy kit


It’s wasted as a third kit, should definitely be our away because we will never really get to see it


We will in Europe and cup games


normally we wear our home or away kits


I remember playing Ludogorets and Basel in the 3rd kit, aswell as Stoke, Southampton, Swansea last season. So we’ll use the new kit regularly


the third is called the cup kit. if we can’t wear our home and the cup kit doesn’t clash with the home team we wear it. Been like this for a good few seasons now.

Sometimes we even wear it in the PL like Stoke away last month