Arsenal Kits Thread


Blue is good.


I’d like this because they would be simple and classic. Puma looks like they are trying to do too much.


Or perhaps keep the gradient running from a darker blue all the way down to black socks.


They’ll probably make the socks the same colour as the top of the shirt lol


That blue might not be terrible with yellow shorts.


Next season track tops…


That top one is great except for the Red


Oh, so they do know that yellow & blue are Arsenal colours? Now if they could just paste that colour scheme onto the away, that’d be grand. :wink:


either this is fake or the blue away top is fake, surely they would be the same colour?


That yellow jacket :ok_hand:


How is it that folks are already walking around with their new Liverpool tops and Arsenal haven’t even officially launched their home shirt?

I used to think it was Nike just farting around and obviously the year we switched to Puma it made sense to delay everything … but what’s the point now? Especially knowing the club have to do something to get people excited for next season.

It’s a small gripe to be sure, but Ivan is supposed to be this marketing wizard and yet we are really being outflanked in the merchandising game.


doesn’t really bother me when we officially launch our kits, the last season only finished about 3 weeks ago and the new season doesn’t start for ages


Thievery, knowing Liverpool fans.


Does releasing them earlier sell more kits or something? I’m unsure why that’s better marketing.

I could be wrong here but also I think pool still do two year home kits.


They’re probably still doing their market research in Asia to find out what colour the fans want the shirts to be




Worse than the font you’re using on your phone!


I quite like it :joy:


I like it too, because it’s different.


I like the design of the third. But I wish they just stopped changing the crest colour.