Arsenal - Hull City (Premier League)


Only one sub. Same old, same old.


Lot of sulking going on özil especially
Welbeck for ozil


Thats bollox
Özils done fuck all, all game.


About time Welbeck comes off the bench.


3pts, thats all…


Lucky win, but i take it. Ozil was invisible again and Walcott is back to be the old Theo. Great game by the Ox, instead.


Good win. Shit game


I recognise those seats

what does bould do , the walkie talky was linked to someone else and vik akers did the subs


A wins a win. Not a great performance and Hull were the better team in the 2nd half. Ox was my MOTM, Ozil went missing once again. Alexis really is our only world class player. We were lucky not to see Gibbs see red. Awful football match too, clearly the Arsenal players were feeling pressure on them. It’s the game’s agaisn’t Liverpool, Leicester and City coming up that worry me cause they have players to hurt us if we play like today.

If we play like that agaisn’t Bayern I really worry how many they score.


63 days without a drink this mob could drive me back to drinking…


Not great, but take some positives, 3 points, clean sheet and now the top scorers in the Prem


Was they all over Chelsea’s first goal last week like they are ours today?


I think Gibbs looked far more positive than Monreal.


Sadly it’s too late to take positives seen as we’re out of the title race. But I agree with the 3 points.

You can take negatives too, Hull were the better team, Gibbs should have been sent off and aside from Lucas header and Alexis Peno did we have a shot on goal in the second half.


Poor game, just glad we got the 3 points.

Gotta be much better in the week or we’re in serious trouble.


Forward line is looking stale. Iwobi and Theo need to be dropped imo


3 points are what you take always want. But Wenger has a lot to answer for.
That was a shambles.
No defence.
No midfield and our attack was eŕrrrrrrr?
Don’t know what Theo was doing on the field. He was worse than poor.
Alex ox has no idea how to defend when we lose the ball. Looks great charging forward but lost when we lose the ball.
One of kossaa worst games in a long time. Can’t believe how often he got caught out of position and got caught diving in on the half way line.
Overall good 3 points and we could maybe blame their minds being on the Bayer game, but it was a poor poor display.

Agree about iWork dev. He was wanting to play the ball on the ground too much. He needs to get stuck in more instead of waiting for ball to come down to him. He can head the ball ffs.


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My other point was, it appears you’ve been spotted on another well known Forum, like judas RvP. How do you even find the time to post so much…

Anywho, not much to say, same usual dross from us, but we got the three points. Players HAVE to fucking step up on Wednesday.


Yes, i write on Redcafe as well. I don’t see all the fuss about it.


Pretty poor performance but we will take any 3 points we can ATM. I do fear for us on Wednesday night in Munich though.