Arsenal Football Club History


Adams must have been coming back from an injury.
Also Dickov was playing as well, who was a decent player.


some of my briefs through the years, mainly home in this lot…


That’s cheap.
The same season Highbury was about ten pound on the North Bank.




You must hate the current card entry format?


he was coming back but not from injury…


not very collectable…


before the Armoury we had this…



Looking at all those match tickets, I can’t believe how many of those games I was at as well.
I noticed the Southampton game at Highbury in 1987, which was the centenary game where a lot of the old players came on before the game, and one of the few times I was in the Clock End.


Dodgy game but Quinn got the winner after a Williams shot the keeper didn’t hold onto… if memory serves me right…I’ve got a clipping somewhere of all the players at half time…


So…just the one or two tickets in your collection then @SLAG :sweat_smile:


Oh dear all those attachments are 2 mb each


Lol all Arsenal tickets, then randomly a ticket to see the Beach Boys at Tottenham Court Lane?? Noiice :grin:


Anyone else thoroughly enjoying the contributions @SLAG is making?

Genuinely making me look forward to this forum more and more.


You can delete some if taking up too much space…


Nah I like them, will have to look into some kind of plugin that compresses images.


Cheers for posting all the old school match tickets.


Saw this linked on arseblog today.

Great video. Bouldy looks so different with hair haha.