Arsenal Football Club History


It won’t load up for me but if Leicester 15/16 are above Arsenal 01/02 thats pure bin material.


Blimey, the names come flooding back. I joined The Arsenal Supporters Club at about that time. Still got the enamel lapel pin somewhere. And a little plastic red star with a photo of Dave Bowen on it. Happy days!



This post gave me the feels for Cesc. Now that Santi is injured, should we bring him back? I know he can still pass.


Nah I absolutely loved Cesc back in the day but that ship has sailed IMO, if he was going to come back it would have been in 2014.


You forget how awful that season was. Was the season where we finally had no world class players remaining after they all left. Cazorla was the start of the rebuild. Carried us that season lol.


I thought 11-12 was worse. Spent that season bored out of my mind watching us. van Persie was the squad that season.

One of few highlights…


11/12 and 12/13 are probably the least talented Arsenal squads I have seen in my time and its amazing we didn’t miss top 4 in the period. RVP heroics in 11/12 with 30 league goals, and Cazorla & Kos brilliant in 12/13. How wonder just how many weeks Tottenham spent sitting above us over those 2 seasons ?


That was my first season watching football. Maybe that’s why I have a relatively positive outlook compared to many older fans, starting from a lower base and all that.


One of the best and most enjoyable wins for me in recent seasons


Santi was absolutely masterful that day.


an old banner from shewore on FB
All gave some; some gave all


Just going through some old stuff and I came across a book called “Superclubs, Soccer Yearbook 98/99” for the Arsenal edition. Had all sorts of information

These were the ticket prices for matches and whole season back then, according to this book :smiley:

Match day
Adult £13.50-£31
Children (members only) £7.50
OAPs (members only) £8.50

Season ticket prices
Adults £377-806
Children £182-208
Senior Citzens £208

Ah, if only prices were anything close to these right now :joy: @Robin_L @Drayton

Also the book displays a list of various Arsenal fanzines from that time. I don’t really recall them, probably too young at the time to know of them, but some of the older Gooners might remember them.

An Imperfect Match, The Gooner, One Nil Down Two One up, Up the Arse, Highbury Wizard and Highbury High. All based in London, except Highbury Wizard, in Bletchley, Milton Keynes.




Arsenal Echo Echo


What was special about this day?


You’ll never see that again.


Great goal by Merse that night. Horrible place to go there never liked them or their fans.


over 7000 turn up for this game…


anfield 89 cost if seat 6 pounds . terrace dunno bout 4 quid .