Arsenal Financials


We’re pulling a Newcastle.

Tight fisted owner, useless in the transfer market, with a massive stadium.


We’re not even close to being comparable to Newcastle.


I know. Newcastle fans idolise their manager


Their home support is pretty good too.


Something to do with:

Ozil 350k
Auba 200k
Mkhitaryan 180k
Lacaazette 200k
Kolasinac 120k

We’ll have to sell before we buy in the summer


Fucking lol. Are you serious?


Yes, to balance our wage bill. We’ve already done our big spending anyway.


We dont need to spend more money.

We need to spend more wisely.


What about all the money we got, and wages saved on, from players like:
Sanchez 150k
Walcott 140k
Chamberlain 100k
Gabriel 50k
Gibbs 50k
Coquelin 50k
Szczesney 50k
Gnabry 40k

That is around 600k a week saved in wages and around 150m in transfer fees we have received for these players, and a few other fringe players.

By your definition, we have to sell before every transfer window before we think about buying.

This is not some Mickey Mouse club.
This is Arsenal, one of the most profitable clubs in Europe.
What are you talking about?


Not going to post the entire thread because it’s pretty long, but it’s worth a read.


^ TLDR: fuck Wenger, fuck Kronke.