Arsenal 17/18 Kits Thread


hahaha, I mean, no, it’s a 15-20 minute trip in car, nothing serious, but as I just wear these shirts to play football it’s not really something I look to go out of my way for/pay serious money for.


Cannot fathom any kit that doesnt have JVC on it not being anyones favourite.

The 125 crest was great, the yellow and blue polo a season or two ago was great. But fuck me, these bad boys piss all over the lot.


I still own that blue one. Junior size though. My favourite away shirt ever.

I’ve got the 97/98 home top too.


I think you’ve named my three most disliked Arsenal shirts there too. Classic Nike shirts for the tourist fan market


Yeah you could totally tell that Nike had stopped giving a shit about us by then with the lack of trophies.

It was only in our last season together that they pulled out that yellow and blue beauty, just for old times sake. Why hadn’t we had one like that for so long?!


The perfect match…


Not bad new away kit


For a tottenham fan


Agree, is not bad, is a ghastly choose for the away kit.


Irrelevant if it’s similar to Spurs away kit. It’s nice to have diverse colours for a change like blue/black. Yellow kits are repetitive.


Yellow is our colour… red and white yellow and blue…


I’m in favour of diverse colours for the away and third kit, but the our next light blue away kit is seriously horrible. Looks like a training kit, no connection with the past (Arsenal had blue kits, not light blue).


Indeed. I’m okay with non-traditional colours occasionally (we’ve had yellow kits for the last few seasons as the 2nd, so it’s okay to switch it up for me this coming season), but not when it looks like an ugly training kit, or a bad Barça 3rd kit.


Looks like a tie die shirt.




I feel sick…


Acceptable colour for the training kits, not for an away kit, for an official kit.


I’ve put a warning and some spoiler tags on that fucking abomination of a post maxi.


We had a dark blue third kit several years ago, no lightning bolts unfortunately lol. However I thought it looked fantastic with our red badge.


This one? Was okay stylistically but way too Spursy.