Arsenal 17/18 Kits Thread


that’s the latest one but there is lots of pictures of it in this thread if you just looked lazy :wink:


[quote=“JakeyBoy, post:203, topic:1259, full:true”]
It fucking looks like the sea
[/quote]They’ve gone to great depths to replicate a typical Arsenal season. Bright start, followed by that mid season sinking feeling.


They all look shit except the third kit. The sooner Puma fuck off and we can get a proper shirt sponsor, the better.


looks better then last seasons, but that’s not difficult


I like all three of those! Nice one.

I might get the away kit.


There’s always one.


What’s wrong with the blue one? Kind reminiscent of our O2 away kits.


What’s wrong with it is that it isn’t nice. :slight_smile:


Yes but WHY isn’t it very nice?


the colour is disgusting


I was thinking if the away has yellow shorts, it could be kind of acceptable.


@Cristo what Luke said.

I bet it will have shorts that are the reverse of the top…dark to light :fearful:


Hate them all :gabriel: Defo opting for Orlando’s purple kit now!


Yeah, probably, which would be gross.


Love the 3rd shirt and the home is nice with the collar, will probably get both. Blue kit is nice but rare for Arsenal to have a full blue away kit, will take some time to get used to.


The shirts will look much better once we see them in action rather than draped over someones kitchen floor.

All in all I think puma have done a pretty good job, I loved all their home shirts apart from one, and I adored this seasons away top.

The third top is always a complete non-entity anyway and I’m sure most players would rather play shirts and skins if there was some way to capatilize on it.


Close up of the away and third with the backs also on show for the first time


the away looks more like a training kit


With any luck the shorts to the away kit will just be the same colour as the bottom of the shirt.


That blue kit is absolutely atrocious.

I’d sooner Umbro sorted us out FFS.