Arsenal 17/18 Kits Thread


Simple yet beautiful. 70s were on point.


I like this one sorely because it was the shirt Henry scored his last goal for Arsenal in


@shamrockgooner :joy:


Not a fan of all blue kits in any way. Horrible.


That kit is gorgeous.


Hated that kit, looked like a tacky jester’s outfit. Got nothing on the blue kits of the 90s.


Specially if you’re a fucking jockey.


Watching us play Rotor Volgograd on a Thursday night just became even more special, knowing we might be wearing a blue tie dye shirt :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Loved this shirt .
Mines got its own specific clothes hanger and takes pride and place in the wardrobe.


Proper players wearing it , players who knew what playing for The Arsenal ment .


What makes them different to the squad we have today?


If it’s the one in the OP, I look forward to buying it off some shoddy Russian or Chinese site. Fuck giving Kroenke money.


How is idiotic wait to reveal the new kits when the images have been leaked months ago?


Maxi it happens to every club every summer. They have certain dates booked for launch.

Does it really matter anyway lol


I loved both the white away and this seasons away jersey.


New picture of the third leaked :heart_eyes:

The away though… GET IN THE SEA


It fucking looks like the sea


any leaks of the home kit? the 3rd kit looks nice but shame we will never wear it but that away kit is disgusting


An actual proper collar. :heart_eyes:


Why the pink trim through?? vile colour.