Antoine Griezmann


A sensational player that has numerous potentials and now playing for a team that has realistic chance to win La Liga and CL under a good (if not great) coach.
Why the hell he will consider us??? Are we going to pay him 300k per week?


I don’t even think Wenger would try that well worn excuse again.

Would he?


My sources inside the Vicente Calderón inform me that Griezmann, when asked about this rumour, responded: “pero qué coño dices hijo”, which translates loosely to: what a silly thing you’ve just said my dear chap!


Don’t you mean resources?


I’m Spanish. I don’t know what those are.



not saying we are in for him but he might might be off somewhere… athletico have already bought gameiro and given a year extension to torres and then there are rumors of costa going back to athletico… even conte refused to comment on costa staying…

so if athletico do get costa and have gameiro and torres then they might sell griezmann

but i think we are more after mahrez than griezman… lets see what happens


Why not both, we can dream huh?!..Ok i have now woken up, have we signed anyone yet?


I am not sure about Wenger, but sure Simeone is not stupid.

After Euro (probably before also), One Griezmann worth more than Costa, Gameiro and Torres.
You have one uprising superstar in the team, and why give up on him because you have 3 fallen stars?


athletico have been selling their best players for last few years… aguero, costa and could sell griezman if someone activates his buyout clause… it is only 85m and he is quite young. when higuain at 29 can go for 80m then why not griezmann for 85 ?

its all about money my friend


No…No… No…No…No
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No…No… No…No


Your right, only top club who would do (and have done) that is Arsenal under Wenger.


“A source inside the club”.

I’m fed up with this bullshit, FFS! A credible source or just fuck off.


Atletico wasn’t a threat in the league at that time, and now they are making real challenge in the league and CL, and they did won the league once after Simeone joined.
This is just a different ball game now when they can actually win something.

Okay, let’s say Wenger does activate his release clause, it is still up to the player to sign or not.
Griezmann has the ability to join any top club in this world, and Wenger is not going to pay him outrageous salary to lure him here (and upset both Ozil and Sanchez).
In reality, this is not going to happen, for both seller and buyer.

It is not always about money.


Why this topic is open on Rumor Mill?

Tomorrow I will open a topic about my future relationship with Kelly Brook. :santi2:


So in your hypothetical situation, you can imagine Wenger paying 70-85m release clause but cannot imagine him paying outrageous salary?


Yes, you are right.
Mr Wenger and Mr Gazidis won’t break the bank to do both.


I don’t mind, but please, the story has to be juicy…


I said he can join someone else as well

btw we are arsenal fans so dont think wenger is that big a name but for france and french players, he is a big name. same thing happened with ozil and sanchez and they could have moved somewhere else but both joined arsenal after speaking to wenger

iam not saying it will be done but just giving the reason for rumors.


I got your point and understand.