Alexis Sánchez


So we are losing 5-1 again and he is laughing? This is door. Good riddance.



Just fuck off. Little prick. Out from the squad until the end of the season, then sell him. And someone who justifies him can fuck off.


I can’t see what he did wrong TBH with you.


He is laughing in a such dramatic moment for us. If Wenger is not big than the club, neither is Sanchez.


I think it’s more a laugh that says “I really can’t believe this shit”.


Scum will bring this out on DVD…


Keep justifying him.


Why not crucifying Cech also, but only Sanchez??
The conversation was in between them, and both smile (not really laughing)


Cech should be left from the squad until the end of the season as well. But Wenger has no ball.


So, get rid of Sanchez, Cech, and Ozil (lazy)… Xhaka is shit… you want a major overhaul???


new manager means there will have to be an overhaul; but more so moving some existing starters to the bench.


Yes, we are really rotten atm. Is it gonna take 2/3 years to rebuild? I am all for it.


major overhaul, means you get rid of your whole backbone, not just a couple of key players…


Has GFI said we’re going to lose to Lincoln yet? :roll_eyes:


I remember your jinxing with :mustafi:


I laughed.

I’m going nowhere.



You are not a player.


Meh, it’s the least of our worries but it doesn’t come across well. It’s not nice to see your players being all clever and smirky on the bench.

For what it’s worth, Sanchez was shit tonight.


Lead to Robben’s goal and really didn’t care overall.