Alexis Sánchez


What your saying doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s just an baseless assumption, I don’t know how you can cite ‘simple psychology’ Christ . There’s plenty of excessively selfish players at clubs proportionate to their level. Even your example does’t hold true when Alexis himself was regularly selfish/greedy at Barca, it a feature of his game that has both positive and negative implications.

Regarding the rest of post and Ozil - Alexis playing that’s firmly a Wenger issue.


If you don’t have a concrete and objective measurement on a player’s selfishness, everything is by observation and it is a subjective assessment
You want a “base” for this evaluation? Don’t kid me.


Well. They didn’t got rid of him for no reason :wink:.


That’s not really even true. Alexis’ attitude was lauded at Barcelona, look at Cruyff’s comments after they sold him, he holds him up as an ultimate team player, and that’s how he was really considered there. Barcelonistas gripes with him were simply with his quality, if you talk to Barcelonistas to this day they just don’t think he was good enough for Barça, and also his finishing and decision making, because his finishing and decision making (as it can sometimes be for us) were poor as he seemed to struggle with self-confidence in his first couple seasons there (before the last when it started clicking for him more), including a few horror misses a lo Gervinho.

But being regarded as regularly selfish/greedy? I’m afraid you’ve made that up.


Barcelonista. :gabriel: make it stop.


My bad, I could use the more natural term and say culés, but somehow I feel that would be even less to your liking! Hope you voted Brexit, pal. :thumbsup:


I don’t think 180 k a week even puts them in the top 10 players in the League, so you can’t think its reasonable that they’d accept that.


180K plus a real chance to win the league and challenge the CL, yes, this is acceptable.
180K with no chance to win anything besides FA Cup, this is totally unacceptable.


You could just say fan. But yeah brexit woohoo!


Yeah true for e.g. at clubs like Bayern Munich and Juventus that salary is acceptable.


Barcelonista sounds like a Barca fan that works in a Starbucks.


Barcelonistas or culés is literally the exact same thing except saying it in one word, and it comes to me more naturally. You could just not be the semantics police. :slight_smile:


Sorry bro, my brexit vote was in exchange for joining the service.


He sure loves scoring against Hull, I believe that’s now 8 goals against them in total. 19 for the season, sees him surpass his total last season too.


He should end with around 25 in the League and 30 in all comps, he’s a beast.


Got a bet with my Chelsea mate on who gets more combined league goals and assists between Alexis and Hazard.

He owed me 20 quid from a bet last season so we’ve done double or quits.

Looking good at the moment. I struggle to find a decent site to provide me with the league goal and assist stats, anyone got one for me?


The PL site has both goals and assist, then just apply kindergarten-level math.


Yeah the maths (that’s right, maths :grin:) isn’t the problem mate


Sanchez has 17 goals and 8 assists.

Hazard has 10 goals and the staggering 3 assists.

It’s not even a competition.

But back on topic, Sanchez is a fucking egoist, scoring goals instead of passing to his team mates. Fucking selfish prick, hopefully he fucks off anytime soon.


Official Prem site has it as 6 assists for Hazard and 9 assists for Sanchez, and the same goal figures you posted. Where’d you get your stats from mate? Because I hope yours are correct rather than mine haha