Alexis Sánchez


I see some here could not “tolerate” Sanchez’s “selfishness” but can accept Wenger’s selfishness to stay on.


If I was Sanchez I wouldn’t stay. W engers CV wouldn’t impress me.


Doesn’t matter if Sanchez is out of control (selfish, not passing) or Wenger is not able to tame him, he can go and should go wherever he wants, the place that can benefit him most.

Arsenal pay him, and he plays his heart out, that already even out. He does not owe Arsenal/Wenger anything.

To say he “loves” Arsenal or “love” playing for Arsenal is just PR. By any means, he has a better chance to get either a bigger pay check or a higher chance to win something big, bigger than the FA Cup.


no doubt the usual spiel, yes we have loads of money, and Sanchez is nailed on just a few things to iron out… pay up ST and sanchez leaves money hits the vault…The never ending story begins all over again…


Alexis Sanchez is a great player, but we’re sure about if he is good enough to play for Real Madrid or Bayern Munich as he wants (regulary starter)?


Do we really think people fall for this kind of stuff? Surely obligation and fear of missing out are the main reasons people keep renewing at this stage. :slight_smile:


no doubt, but it dosent stop them from repeating the same old crap year in year out…


It’s mainly FOMO, but thankfully there’s enough su…uh I mean proper fans that are keen to see Arsenal play at the moment, so it’s worth hanging onto the ticket.


He’d be a regular starter at both, Robben and Ribery are usually injured and are ageing so Sanchez would start on a wing. At Real Madrid I’d say they’d go with a attacking trio of Bale, Ronaldo & Sanchez. Only club I think he isn’t a regular starter at is Barcelona.



People give any excuse for a players glaring faults; he affects both positively and negatively, but the negative can be extreme at that’s the problem. He had a free role to express himself but seriously come on, pass rather take 4 players, use the sensibly, stop being selfish and 1 man team.
As good as he is he can be a bit of a liability which makes him ineffective in big games.


He and özil have been offered 180grand pw but they want 250g pw because of the falling pound…


Makes sense


Brexit or no Brexit they should be pocketing around 250K a week anyway.


If your team had more quality players like Ozil, Sanit… sure Sanchez would trust his teammates more and less selfish.

If you are already the best of the team (bar Ozil), then he trust himself more than anybody. This is normal.


The idea that if he was surrounded by better quality he’d pass more or stop holding on to the ball for too long is just silly. The worse aspects of Alexis’ game is that he’s always been selfish, inefficient and indecisive. He did those things regularly at Barca


Have we had a net gain or a net loss though? Sanchez’ key assists/goals vs those moments where he’s held onto the ball for too long.

I’d say it’s right at the bottom of the list of our problems right now.


This isn’t always a bad thing though. How many times have we witnessed a fantastic ball into the box, or a cross for a simple tap in, only for the player on the end of it to do an impression of Bambi on ice?! Take last season for example when Özil was criticised for NOT being selfish and for not scoring enough goals.

Yes Sanchez can be selfish, but there haven’t been many times when the alternative on offer to him would have been a better option. I’d certainly trust him to put the ball away more so than any other player so I’m willing to let him carry on behaving like that.


Well this is kinda of a empty point, seeing as Alexis is attacking player. The best usually are quite selfish.

The issue with selfishness becomes a detriment for the team in defence to attack transitions, defending from the front and making wrong decisions all over the pitch.


This is not silly, this is reality.
If you are surrounded by better or same quality of players, you tend to hold the ball less and play more team ball even you are selfish. This is simply psychology.
If we had more players like him and Ozil, also that means we have 4 or 5 superstar/WC players, and if you fuck up and be selfish, the team/manager has the leverage to put him on the bench and won’t lower the quality of the game play.
Now, we only have Sanchez and Ozil, he knows, and everybody knows we can’t afford to put him on the bench, or sit him a period of time.
We can also put it this way… Wenger does not have the guts to put our best player, a 40 million dollar man on the bench, because he can’t afford to play without Sanchez and get good results.