Alexis Sánchez


No worse than “shere willpower” the banner for jack TBF


Times like this i really do understand why some folks hate our fans.


You can count on your hands the amount of clubs who wouldn’t trade place with us. That to me says a lot right there.


Not really. Bit of a let them eat cake attitude that for me. Dont want to derail the thread so. . The banners wank anyway.


The Club was desperate for them at one point to fill the space between Club Level and the Upper Tier, as part of the ‘Arsenalisation’ of the new ground.

But whereas the murals and the concourse designs look smart (and are pretty meaningful, whatever your subjective view on their appearance), having a banner about Sanchez’ pets is a bit tame by comparison. The Wilshere one is equally daft as well, had forgotten about that.

Get one with Jenkinson and Chamberlain together, arm in arm: BANTER


I doubt Alexis will understand the banner, he barely knows English.


Alexis can speak quite good English now to be fair. He’s done a few interviews in English.

He’ll probably have the banner pointed out to him numerous times too which will obviously result in him saying “that’s settled then, I’m signing a new deal” :grin:


Yeh, plus, it’s some really complex linguistic stuff they’re throwing at him in that banner.



No doubt Sanchez likes it.
He comes from Chile. Doubt he determines what is cool or cringe when it comes to English language. Just like every French word for me seems sexy.

Doesn’t mean it’s not cringe.


Alexis to the rescue once again! Give him a bloody new contract! :sanchez2:


Bonnet de douche Trion, bonnet de douche.

Anyway, Alexis panenka in the last minute of the game? Elite.

Give him all of the money.


Thanks I am flattered.
Feels Sexy


Pretty sure it was atom and humber looking down on him from the rafters of the emirates stadium that gave him that extra strength to give us all three points. The banner paying it’s dividends already!!!


The fucking gigantic balls on this guy. Read that he’d missed his last three penalties, and with the score level in the 98th and he produces a panenka.


Well he did win his country first trophy with a panenka-esque penalty.


Yeah I remember, that was even more ballsy




great all game through, deserved a goal after all. his work rate ffs