Alexis Sánchez



Just like as a Koln fan, I just can’t say Koln have more history than Bayern…
Facts are facts.


It’s true, they have more trophies than any other club, but as for history we are probably more classy and famous because of Highbury and being in London.

Man U are a big spending club, with plastic supporters and by the sounds of Sanchez, plastic mercenary players.
He was a great player for us, but in Man U, he has found his perfect match.


He needs to keep our name out of his mouth. Halfwit.


I have no problem with him saying they are a bigger club. They are. But the entire sentence made me laugh

“It is very different here,”Alexis told MUTV. “I think United is a club with more history and we want to win trophies next year.”

As opposed to Arsenal, who don’t have that ambition :laughing:


I can accept they have more trophies than us, while i can’t accept they have more history than us. You were in the Second Division at a certain point of your fucking history!


We were at a certain point in our history too lol


It hasn’t happened since 1904, while United even got relegated by City and their former idol Denis Law :rofl:


Im still buzzing off his efforts last week at Wembley tbh.



Omg how did I miss this. Pmsl.


Just popped in to say fuck this guy.


Leeeel :auba::mustafi::arteta::arteta::arteta::arteta::arteta: