Alexis Sánchez


if that’s the case and he’s available, we should be doing just that.


Agreed. It wouldn’t be a huge amount on top, given that we’re giving them a world class player. And they get to screw over City in the process.


Yeah I dunno how much they would want, what do you figure? 20 - 30m? That’s an easy choice for us and like you said it might not be the best deal for them but they seem like they are hell bent on getting a small victory over on their rivals, so we can take full advantage of that. At least I hope we are smart enough to do so.


It’d be over £30m at least since they paid almost €60m for him lol


Only way Martial will want to join us if we give him guaranteed CF role & his number that Zlatan took. and ofcourse huge wages

Considering we spent 50m on lacazette, I don’t see the first assurance happening.


Perhaps and It’s not like we’re giving them a player of Welbeck’s calibre. They’d be getting a player who is better than what they’re giving us. Granted there is an age difference.

But even in today’s market £30m is nothing. If I was in charge i’d offer it :sunglasses: just don’t see United parting with him though.


Give it to them. Honestly if that were to happen it would be the true definition of making lemonade out of the lemons we’ve been given as Arsenal fans. I have a ton of faith in our new legit football geniuses we’ve hired at the club but seeing as we are on the losing end of most transfer transactions i’ll hold my excitement until it looks like it’s a real possibility. Still that would be great getting rid of a guy out of contract that’s disgruntled and picking up one of the budding stars of world football in the process would be a dream!


I think they’d want a substantial fee on top given Sanchez is available for free in the summer. In the current market, Martial is worth more than what United paid for him.


If we were willing to pay 90m for Lemar, Martial is worth just as much imo. From all accounts Lemar isn’t even that good. Martial is PL proven and he looks a treat of a player imo anyways. Even if we had to cough up 60m it would still be worth it.


Is he though? I would say he would be worth less because he has been stifled by Maureen and he has not played as much and doesnt look his usual self. I dont think he could command 60m anymore, but who knows because mediocre players are being touted for 40m nowadays.


I like all of your post except the PL proven line lol.

@Maverick79 I think he absolutely is worth as much if not more than they paid/will pay for him. I think if VVD goes for £75m and Dembele for £100m+ then Martial is definitely in the £70m+ bracket.


Lmao yeah I threw that in there cause it has to be mentioned as a positive if we are linked with a current PL player, NO MATTER WHAT lol :smiley:


£30m + Martial would represent a great bit of business.


This is all assuming Martial and United actually want to part ways and I don’t see why they would want to do that





Yeah I’d be very happy to give them £40 mil and Alexis for Martial.

Doesn’t matter if Alexis is free in the summer, he won’t be going to them in that case will he? This is their chance.


I can’t see Martial being sold to us but from his perspective IIRC his wage is quite low so we’d give him a bumper pay packet of doubling or trebbling his wages.


I’d give Martial the centre forward role over a bloke that hasn’t scored in 10 hours of football.


Considering the source, is that even Alexis family?! Or just some random South American family.


Yeah him John Hawley, Jimmy Carter and then came Sanogo to trump the lot of them.