Alexis Sánchez


I mean, that’s the only reason I can think of as to why José would do it - he knows this is the only chance to get him and doesn’t want to strengthen City. But that’s just clutching.

Bit like the situation in the summer when we wanted Sterling in return. I bet he’s really regretting not joining us :sunglasses:


Look I get the wrist slitting and all, but did a stork drop Ozil and Sanchez in our laps or something???

Martial could leave for more game time. To not be playing like a left back anymore. To not being lower in the pecking order than Rashford?

Wenger is still somebody french players respect tbh. There are a few reasons.

Anyways, any other way I would hate to sell to united. Their fans are cocky again, and for what. They are as shit as ever and their main striker has one of the worst first touches I have ever seen. Spent god knows how much, sold their soul to Mourinho just to get roasted off their city rivals. Strutting about like the Fergie days again. Fuck them.

Acting all high and mighty over some face saving nonsense.


Arsenal are demanding a fee of £35m for Sanchez while the player’s agent Fernando Felicevich, previously dubbed ‘the king of South American football’ by Forbes magazine, is requesting a fee of £5m for facilitating the transfer.

City have made it known that they are unwilling to meet Felicevich’s personal demands, believing the total package requested by the agent and Arsenal does not represent value for money.

But Goal understands that while the club insist they are willing to walk away from a deal this month, potentially leaving United with a clear run, the Blues would rather find an agreement that suits all parties and sign the Chilean before the transfer window closes.


I firmly believe Jose signed him to make sure we didn’t sign him.

Mkhitaryan and Arsenal were perfect match but his agent & Mourinho are tight.


Man City have been spending money for fun and have so much of it I don’t get why £15m is a sticking point for them lol

£15m isn’t even enough for any players on their wish list


It proves exactly my point.
When we bought them they were surplus to requirements elsewhere and as soon as they become top quality players we sell them.


I think City signed the players they needed to sign for the long term future of the playing squad. But players like Sanchez are luxuries and I don’t think City are willing to spend the excess amounts when even they know he isn’t necessary.


This is complete rubbish lol. They were considered world class players when we signed them and they’re leaving us as world class players. Being surplus to requirements at the two biggest football clubs in the world does not make you any less of a player.


But we are selling them as world class players.
We only got them because all the other top clubs didn’t need them.


I’m pretty sure Özil wanted to work with Wenger as he tried to get him in 2010 but RM beat us to it


And now he is thinking that he needs therapy for thinking he would be good to work with.


Facckkkk, if Mourinho is stupid enough to give us Martial that would be fucking amaazzzinnnggggg lmao, and i’m almost inclined to believe it considering his record of selling world class players away when they are youths. Mourinho knows he has a shelf life of about 3 years as a manager so he does not give a fuck about leaving a club in good condition once he’s gone, he only wants to win his one PL title in his 3 seasons. He truly is a selfish bastard.


I agree with this, but Mourinho won’t risk selling to Wenger in case the player starts performing better than he did at Man U.

But if we did get him, it would be the ideal scenario for us.


Imagine if we got Martial plus cash for Sanchez and got Macolm on top of it :giroud3:


If it involved Martial i think it’d be a swap deal rather than them paying us. And swap deals never happen.


I would recommend some sense in an already over the top imagination.
Martial cost United 50-60m so basically they would pay us 70m for 6 months Sanchez?


What does it matter to United if he’s 6 month Sanchez or 3 year Sanchez? All that really matters is he’s available Sanchez.

6 month Sanchez only becomes a factor when you consider 0 month Sanchez being a possibility, but 0 month Sanchez is 100% a Man City player so they need to act now.

If I’m Mourinho, knowing that I’m probably out of the door in 2 years I’ll take a player like Alexis rather than put time into someone like Martial who he doesn’t appear to really trust.


If we wanted Martial we’d have to put cash on top of Sanchez.


Because there are people in United who would be looking after the books & Mourinho won’t be the sole decision maker.
I expect City with their plastic money to be reckless but United have lot of rebuilding still to do which would require them to spend 200-300m in coming summer.


Martial finding more space this season so he is not coming.