Alexis Sánchez


My only concern is his mentality. It was highlighted by LVG team when they scouted him and apparently ignored bt the Jose team when they signed him. As child as he is on his day I’m not entirely sure we are the right environment for him to thrive in given our current set up.

Ideally I’d prefer Mkhi plus cash for Sanchez rather than City paltry offer of just £20m.


You should know we only buy after selling. We are probably the only top club or even the only club in the world to do that.


What are Mkhi’s mentality issues?


If his mentality is lacking then he will fit right in.

I have a better mentality than some of our losers!


Mkhi should have joined us in 2016, tbh. But Wenger was penny-pincher once again.


I’m fucking glad he didn’t!

Guy has been utterly shit in the PL. Really sick of getting Utd castoffs. No more!!


Why does anyone think that we would get Mkhitayran?
Why would Mourinho help us out when he can get Sanchez at the end of the season for nothing anyway?


Signing on fees are pretty massive to be fair. So it wouldn’t exactly be free.

They haven’t even made an offer yet anyway. Could just be paper talk.


Forgive me, it was actually physicality.

However I have noticed his head drops and he loses all confidence very quickly. He’s as much a confidence player as anybody in the league. I’m not entirely sure we’re the right club to help him regain that confidence given our own failings.


Always the worry that he still likes him because of his form x years ago and not because of what he’s been doing more recently.

I know, doesn’t change that we wouldn’t exactly be building for the future and even with 25m on top of the deal we’d be taking the risk on him finding the form he had towards the end of his Dortmund time before age will take its toll.

Because it’s going to be infinitely harder to get him in the summer.


Great post and exactly true about Wenger .


Keeping Sanchez wouldn’t be building for the future either. Mkhitaryan will be a stop gap until we get a new manager in to start the rebuilding process. And he could turn out to be a good one, if like you say he can find his form again - which he won’t do at United because he isn’t even playing. José has a history of rejecting players only for them to be decent elsewhere - albeit younger players.

I’m not saying it’s ideal, but it’s infinitely better than what City are offering.


I mean, we aren’t keeping Alexis anyway no matter if we sell him or he moves to another club on a free, so there was never the idea of him being the future of the club.

And Mkhi may be a stop gap but we already had enough stop gaps over the years that turned into some of the most useless signings imaginable in a matter of not more than a year in a lot of cases. I’m really not keen on adding another one while blatantly strengthening ManUtd’s first team. Rather have him rotate in and out of Pep’s team even if it means less money to reinvest (haha, good joke).


Yeah I see your point. But we’re not going to strengthen anyway. May as well take some freebies on the way to Wenger’s departure.

It’s all a moot point anyway. I can’t see Alexis wanting to go to United. And if he does there isn’t really much we can do about it.


It’s either City this window or he should stay until June for me. His impact at City will be marginal compared to what they’re doing now, yet at United he’ll significantly improve. No way we’re competing with City for a few years anyway.


Scared of penguins


I’d give them Alexis plus cash for Martial at this point. Anything really if it meant we end up with Martial.

Anything else and United can fuck off tbh. This is their only chance at getting Alexis anyways.


What you guys are completely forgetting here is that Anthony Martial would actually have to want to come here lol

Why would he leave United for us?


Why would he leave, why would Mourinho let him leave, and why would a manager with no ambition, like Wenger, go for an exciting player like him?

I don’t think some supporters have quite realised yet, that we sell quality players, we don’t buy them.


Well we bought Sanchez and Ozil, so the above line is total rubbish. And when we signed Xhaka, we signed him because we believed he was a quality player. And Mustafi, despite my reservations about him, was regarded as a very good defender too.

And even though Cech is an old man, many still believed him to be one of the top 3 keepers in the league when we signed him.

We are not a selling club and haven’t been for years. The Sanchez situation is simply because he is running down his contract and we as a club cannot hold onto him. The fact we haven’t sold Sanchez when it’s been clear for a while he wants to go is further evidence we aren’t a selling club anymore.