Alexis Sánchez


Good. The more we fail to qualify for the CL, the quicker Wenger goes.


At any other club, with any other manager, that would be true.


Mkhitaryan would be a success under Wenger’s management style imo. He’d get love and games and not abused, the opposite of what I imagine he gets from Mourinho. Whether that’s because he’s mentally weak I don’t know, but mentally weak players can be good too. He’s clearly got the footballing ability to be a top 4 player. I think we’re beyond the stage of expecting our signings to be flawless.

Don’t really get the whole rather sell to City idea either. These are two mega spenders that we will most likely never be able to compete with and whichever one doesn’t spend the money on him will spend a shit ton on someone else. In fact if you really want to make the argument about preferring a club then if we truly are watching a player at the beginning of decline as some have suggested then I’d rather that player was tied to United for the next 4 years rather than instantly replaced at City as soon as he dips. Look at how much game time Rooney got and how much of a part of their squad he was, even though he’s been shit for a few years now.

At this stage I’ll take whatever the best deal is for us.


I agree Mkhitaryan would most likely do well here and perhaps excel most particularly in this environment, I would take him here considering we look to be losing our two best players and options available are slim. Getting him in plus Malcom wouldn’t be a bad window at all.

However, there is something to be said for fucking Jose over.


I reckon United are in for Ozil not Sanchez.


Both make sense but they are definitely in need of a Sanchez-esque forward that is both consistent and world class.

Their attacking front line has a lot of potential but doesn’t have the consistency to overtake City.


Imagine if we lost both of them to José



Frankly don’t see either turning Manure into champions, they didn’t do much for Arsenal. FA cUps yeah but still couldn’t win the title in the year LEICESTER FUCKING CITY DID

That’s why I said both should have been sold for the maximum cash in the summer - to fund a total re-build and because neither was really making that much difference

but nooooo “we can’t sell our best players you cunt” I was told

fucking load of bollocks


There is no way Mourinho would so a swap with Sanchez and Mkhitayran.

The main reason I wanted to Wenger sell both Ozil and Sanchez in the last window was to avoid the humiliation of Mourinho getting either of them at the end of the season for free.

The stupidity of keeping them is going to not only be very expensive but it could also be very embarrassing.
i still can’t believe we kept them.


Selfish :eyes:


Certain Arsenal fans need to create a rationale for wanting rid of a player once it’s clear he wants to ditch us…it’s obviously fairly difficult to do with a world class player like Sanchez so this “selfish” nonsense appears the best they can come up with


Expected assists. :tired_face:


My thoughts exactly :joy:


3 assists in 19 games…

Walcott and perez get better numbers than that


I’ve called him selfish and wasteful for a long, long time. Only recently others have caught onto the fact.



When he finds a player with “100 per cent commitment,” please could he let us know.


Of course, he has made Arsenal his reign! He can’t see us elsewhere.


What a fucking stupid question to put to a Premier League manager.


He’s got 2 Theo Walcott and Olivier Giroud