Alexis Sánchez


25m for Sanchez and Mkhitaryian for free? Or would we have to pay for him too?


Mkhitaryan is more of an Özil replacement. The only person I want to replace Özil is Özil.


So it seems fairly legitimate that United have made a bid, or are at least interested in signing Sanchez. Good for us as we can get more money, but can’t see him wanting to join anyone else but City. I also don’t want to sell him to United at all.


I am tempted to take that.
But we have enough spineless players to add Mkhitaryan.


Mkhi can play across the front 3 though and we wanted him in the past. I reckon he’d do better in our system than Mourinho’s. Ozil is prob off anyway so at least 1 bird with 1 stone.


Would be a rather pathetic end for Wenger if he sanctions / agrees to the sale of our best player again to that club :smile: Most people never forgave him the first time round and this if anything is more forgiveable as we’ve now slipped way more notably behind the rest of our competitors


It’s completely forgivable in that we’re getting a top quality player in return.

I would love Mikhitaryan, he’s a super player who just hasn’t found a suitable role in Mourinho’s system.


No it’s fucking not! Were swapping Sanchez for Mhiki.

Just like them taking RvP and we get Welbeck


If Wenger sells to Mou I’ll eat my hat. Plus Sanchez clearly wants Man City, Agent Bravo has been at work


Yeah wouldn’t particularly bother me. I think fans would be more annoyed about the fact we’d be selling to Mourinho rather than it being United. I doubt it will happen anyway, seems like he wants to play for Pep.


Not interested in Mkhi anymore tbh, I don’t think his form has anything to do with not finding a role for him, he’s been off since he joined United.


It’s certainly a better offer, if true.



Even IF Mikhi is a good replacement (and as it stands pretty much any half decent player will be better than Sanchez right now coz he couldn’t give a toss - as predicted by me in the summer)…

it’s still another time we are being dictated to by players, other clubs and other agendas

How many more times are we gonna be the dumping ground for other clubs offloads?

We are we not pro-actively seeking the players we need & that we want to improve our squad

Ozil was let go coz of Bale
Sanchez couldn’t get in Barca team

now we’re gonna get Mikhi instead of our preferred target, just to get a deal done?

Fucking laughing stock lads


I think that is a very biased interpretation of actual events. IMHO RVP was the higher PAR (points above replacement) player that year, but as a total body of work, I don’t disagree Cesc was the more important player for Arsenal.


Change Mkhitaryan to Martial and I’d bite their hand off

But it’s obvious Sanchez wants City.


Don’t believe Manure are in for him. Sanchez only wants City.


Hate to sell our best player to the rival(s)… if City and United are still treating us as “rival”…

I will sell to City, simply because the hate of Mourinho.
I will sell to anytime but not Maureen’s team, that’s it.


I’d rather sell to Manure


With or without Sanchez, City is pretty much going to win the league… very likely if not confirmed.
Their position won’t affect our position no matter what.

On the otherh and, selling him to United will affect our position and chance of getting into top 4. They are the direct “rival” of us right now.

No way let Sanchez going to United.