Alexis Sánchez


Henry dominated games with his dribbles and made goals out of nothing in ways RVP even at his peak never could. Henry should have won several Ballon Dors and was robbed.

Vieira isn’t really comparable to Fabregas or Cazorla because he’s a very different type of player.

Fabregas vs Spurs

Vieira vs United

Vieira wasn’t near the passer, creator and doesn’t have the range of skills but was a defensive wall, with great first touch, control and a powerhouse who could get box to box. It’s a pity they didn’t play together longer


RvP had 10 assists along with his 30 PL goals in 11-12, had 2.4 key passes per game and 1.1 dribbles per game. I never said RvP reached the level of Henry but the level he was at in 10-12 was simply incredible, and to say he couldn’t create things out of nothing or dribble is nonsense. Don’t forget the difference in quality of teams the two were playing in, RvP was surrounded by shite.

I wasn’t comparing them stylistically… Not sure why you’re posting videos, lol, I’m well aware of how Vieira played, and how Fábregas played, I watched their whole careers for Arsenal. :slight_smile:


Wenger trying to persuade Sanches to sign a new contract while he negotiates terms with City.



“When” not “if”

KDB confirming the deal.


Wait till Luca sees this :joy: he hates KDB already ha


I suppose he’s confident enough to know he won’t be the one significantly losing out because of it. Poor Leroy Sane! Having someone that good who can’t get in your first team


Yea we don’t have Henry’s complete stats for that period but they would of been better than that, 20 assist record season and 49 assists in 3 season

I didn’t say RVP couldn’t create anything out of nothing, I said he couldn’t to anywhere near the same extent. Give RVP the ball on the half way line alone and he wouldn’t do allot, Henry could go past 3-4 players and score or set up a teammate.

Complete different levels


I think people underestimate how important RVP was to us during that period. Obviously Vieira has bigger body of work, but RVP was immense in many ways that year or so. IMHO he was more the key than Fabregas and I am huge Fab fanboy (or was rather)


RVP offered a lot more to our play than that. Henry is legendary nonpareil but RVP was extraordinary that year.


I think Guadriola will play Sanchez in the middle.


And bench him like at Barca for giving the ball away to much.


Chips cunt. Nothing more to add.


Cesc dominated games for us, controlled play, created and gave us a goal threat. RVP scored continously for 18 months but was getting loads of good quality service and I still remember being annoyed at how many he missed. I’d take the former contribution any day of the week over the latter though.

For me Cesc is top 3 of all time players, maybe top 2.


Said in the summer that Sanchez should have been sold because he wouldn’t be interested. now he’s gonna go for a quarter of the money we coulda got

Now he’s gonna go and has hardly been much use has he


I said the same about Sanchez, and Ozil as well.
We are going to lose our two best players for nothing, and are never going to adequately replace them.

How Wenger thought this was a good idea shows how out of touch he is.


I think he can be crucial in our Euro League cup run, bit disappointed he’s leaving.




United need creativity more than City do.

But it could just be a PR exercise to up City’s bid.


I’d take Mkhitaryan for Sanchez at this stage although we would have to pay him what? 200k a week?