Alexis Sánchez


I just posted it to laugh at him lol don’t know where you got the worried vibe from!


I still think Sanchez might stay until the end of the season and leave, along with Ozil, for nothing.
The signing on fee for those two will be too much to resist for them, and as neither want to stay here so we won’t be the club giving them that signing on fee.


If the fee is only 20m I reckon we should keep him and have him help us in the league and Europa.


I think that’s what will happen, and he will leave at the end of the season with Ozil.
If this does happen I also think Wenger will leave.

He will have left the club in such a mess that even with his massive ego and arrogance, he knows he won’t be able to sort it out.


It’s not really as hard a re-build as when Cesc, Nasri, Clichy, RVP and Song left in 2 seasons. Realistically if we get in 2 from Fekir, Pavon, Lemar, Mahrez, Forsberg, Malcolm we’ll have done a decent re-build and have something to look forward to.


If we get two of those I would agree with you, but I don’t think we will anything like what we need to just get us back to the level we were when we dropped out of the top four.

Replacing Sanchez and Ozil, who have been by far our two best players, is going to be very difficult.

The only way it could happen is if Wenger leaves.
But even then we need a CB, GK and DM.


Lawrenson is a prat, with a big nose. Typical shit scouser.


Very debatable that point

But overall yes Sanchez going to Pool is laughable


I think we’ll sign 2 forward players, a DM and a CB. For numbers alone we’re losing Alexis, Ozil, Mertesacker and Coquelin. We might also lose Wilshere, Elneny, Debuchy and Walcott. So 5 departures means we’ll need at least 3 in.

We don’t need a GK and even an old Cech isn’t easy to improve on


Fabregas and van Persie were incredible players for us every time they stepped on that pitch whether they had injury problems, layoffs whatever. Even if they had a bad game they still never lost their status as the bee’s knees. There is nothing Ozil and Alexis produce now that they didn’t match or better back then. Anyone talking smack about them as footballers is clueless as shit. And this thing about them never winning anything (which is also incorrect) means absolutely fuck all in any “best players” discussion.


Why does it?

If they were so good surely they would have won us stuff like Özil and Sanchez have?


Football is a team game, remember. While trophies are great and all that, they don’t define a player. What a player has or hasn’t won shouldn’t take anything away from their greatness. Fabregas is one of the finest midfielders the Premier League has ever seen. I think he was the right player at the wrong time.

Socrates never won anything major in his career and he was a genius, literally. If it is good enough for him… :sunglasses:


Ehh, maybe if they won us the league or took us far in the CL (something Fábregas had more luck with than these two) I could see your reasoning, but winning FA Cups doesn’t really hold up for me.


From Trion’s post beneath yours, where he asked to be killed and was pleading for City to come and buy him quickly.

But for what’s it’s worth you only posted an emoji to accompany the quote, and it wasn’t a laughing emoji. But yeah, wasn’t really referring to your post as much as Trion’s.


Ha was more of a what is this cunt saying emoji


Personally I’d be switching Vieira and RVP around but agree with the rest of it. It’s hard to rank defenders but Cole and Campbell wouldn’t be far off that bottom 6 list either.


Find it crazy this even needs to be explained. Teams win trophies not just a few players. Alan Shearer wasn’t a great striker just because he won the league with Blackburn it’s because he was a great striker full stop. There must be so many examples of great players around the world past or present that haven’t won much silverware.


Spurs supporters don’t really need to use the ‘did they win trophies for us’ question for most of their best players


Yeah that’s how I first had it when I wrote this but then I thought: is there really that much difference between the level of Vieira or that of Fábregas, or even Cazorla? And then I thought, and RvP, when he was on the top of his game, was there really that much difference between he and Henry’s level? RvP in 10-12 was simply another level, the closest thing to Henry type dominance I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt, so that’s why I put him there. Of course if you’re talking about overall contribution instead of highest sustained level then you obviously put Vieira over RvP, but as per my wording, I was rating ‘best players I’ve seen in an Arsenal shirt’.


Yeah ok with the way you have worded that I can understand your pecking order then.