Alexis Sánchez


He just might be the type to leave… big message to our sorry club if he personally turns down 15 million just to gtfo


If you’re getting picky with Alexis you can sure as hell get picky with Cesc who was below his best in 10/11 (final season) and missed lots of 08/09. Likewise van Persie who didn’t give us a full season until 11/12.


I know Persie was world class for us but his contribution was only for 16 months or so.
I would rate Alexis above him anyday.
Alexis was consistent for 3 seasons, scoring 25, 17 & 30 goals respectively; scoring in both FA cup final; and did so from wings no less.

and Alexis being a cunt is like a moody puppy; while Persie being a cunt is a genuine cunt.


Well, sell him now. Why waiting?


Emirates XI looks much better btw

Szczesny - Sagna, Kos, Per, Monreal - Fabregas, Cazorla, Ozil - Sanchez, Persie, ???

Right wing has been such a big issue for us. I can’t find one good player to move there, unless I throw Ramsey in middle and move Cazorla to wings.




Yeah I was just about to say this, Hleb 2007-2008 was a seriously good footballer. In fact despite not winning anything I miss the football that team played.


Yeah Hleb is a good call but much like Nasri, it is just 6-7 months of contribution before they went away.


Shit, that looks just a player or two short of a league winning side. :roll_eyes:


That side makes the whole winning the Cup argument overrated. Despite not having the silverware the 07/08 team was the best team with the best players in the Emirates Era.


Yeah it was the best team because it’s the only team that’s broken 80 points point mark since we have been at the Emirates, but you are judged on trophies at the end of the day.


Trophies are only one part of it. Giroud isn’t better then RVP for example.

Fàbregas did actually win the FA Cup with Arsenal anyway, I think people forget that, and he got a runners up CL medal - the closest we’ve got since. But it’s irrelevant anyway - he played Cescy football :sunglasses:


Yeah but when your the best player in a trophy winning side it’s more relevant, yes we won the cup in 2005 but that was Henry & PV team more than Cesc & RVP.


Henry didn’t even play much in the FA Cup that year, certainly not in the final. Fàbregas did.

Edit: just checked, Fàbregas made 46 appearances during the 2004/05 season. More than both Henry and Vieira.

But I take your point. Ramsey > Fàbregas. I get it now.


Best players I’ve seen for Arsenal (Wenger era):

van Persie


Think you could almost put the latter six in any order.




Kill me.

Come quickly City


I’m sure it’s his dream to be playing with Ox again


So basically Mark Lawrensen rates Sanchez. Not exactly a reason to start collectively shitting ourselves now is it?


Why the fuck would he leave us for not living up to his ambitions, to join another team with even less ambitions, trading London for Liverpool on the go. If Sanchez leaves it is going to be for a team like City (or hopefully a club abroad) or he might as well stay here. Actually why do I even get baited into responding to some random clown’s wishes lol