Alexis Sánchez


His move to Atletico fell through and it was time to move on from where he’s been playing for years. Not every transfer has to be the perfect fit to the dream club. We were a good option at the right time and he took it.

Even without Alexis and Ozil Arsenal is a big step up in status for him. I’ve no doubt we’ll be able to attract Lacazette level talent for the foreseeable future even with the imminent departures. We convinced Ozil and Sanchez to join a team that wasn’t any better than this.


Not everybody gets addicted to the internet world, to dig deep in everything, so it was likely that Laca did not know much about the current Arsenal and Wenger.
Giroud is Wenger boy, he would not talk shit of Wenger if Laca asked about the club and manager.

No doubt we will sign players, good players, maybe star players…
The key is not really we are able to or not, it is how we keep them happy, have them settled, and make them stay for long time and contribute…
Star players come and go for every 3-4 years is doing no good for the team in long run, only benefit the shirt sale in short term.


He didn’t ask Giroud. It was actually his good mate Coquelin who persuaded Lacazette to join us. True story. Agent Coq.


Another Wenger boy (Coq)… haha~~~~


I think we just offered him good money. We weren’t clearly his first choice.


It’s probably true but I would also bet that if Ozil and Sanchez hadn’t been here, and with no CL football, he would have taken a lot more persuading.


I think you’re really just inventing things now.


We’ll find out next season when we try attracting world class players here after Ozil and Sanchez have left.
No CL football and no world class players is not that tempting for any ambitious footballer, especially top quality players.


But the season hasn’t finished so how do you know we won’t have CL football?


I think that’s pretty much foregone conclusion. :blush:


We are struggling and will be struggling to grab quality players but we can always get a quality player here and there.


It’s possible but if we do, unless we win the Europa League, we certainly won’t be anywhere the top.
My point here is that any top quality, ambitious player, who wants to win the to trophies, isn’t going to be tempted to a club where the best players leave on a regular basis because of our lack of ambition and investment.

Sanchez and Ozil are world class and just to replace those two with equivalent standard players is going to cost more than we’re willing to pay and even if we were willing to pay I don’t think we could attract two players of that calibre here.

We also need more than just replacing those two, because with them we are out of the CL, and the main reason they are leaving is because Wenger and the board refused to strengthen with any more top quality players.

We need massive investment after they leave and we have neither a manager or owner willing to spend what it will take so any world class player we are after is going to know this and go elsewhere, just like Ozil and Sanchez are doing.


The other investment we need is a better manager, I think a quality manager would still have us in the CL with the squad we have, but modern day Wenger is just middle of the road.


Yeah, we have tactical problems most of the time, despite our squad being poor.


#ElninoMaravilla 🇨🇱

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The old man makes my blood boil sometimes (if true). We’ve been saying on here we need to play a 2-striker system/diamond midfield to get the most out of Ozil and Sanchez.


Thought he was (and has been so far this season) terrible.


Really don’t care anymore about the season he (or Ozil) is having. We just need them to be good from the quarter-finals and on in the Europa League :wink:.


I can’t stand him when he is alone against the world. Too selfish.


Wenger looking like a proud dad after his boy’s sunday league match :joy:


Are those coats trademark Wenger or a normal attire in England?