Alexis Sánchez


@InvincibleDB10 really does talk sense, as depressing as it is, it’s really on the money.


It comes down to pecking order and supply and demand. Players who Barce, Real, Bayern, Manc Clubs, Chelsea don’t want we can sign over other clubs because we’re richer.

We looked worse when Santi and Ozil signed.

You’re also assuming players care about trophies more than money, which is a false assumption for the most part.


Like I say Aulas probably wouldn’t have sold Fekir before he reached his world class potential anyway. And I don’t think anyone would of been happy spending 100m on Fekir when he’d just had an ACL injury.


Highly unlikely he would have been 100mill if he was sold in the summer, though you’re right Aulas probably wouldn’t have sold him especially as they sold Lacazette also. He didn’t just come off the ACL though, pretty sure he played nearly a full season last season.


No one would of paid it but I don’t think Aulas will have sold for less knowing his potential. It’s kind of like the Martial situation.


You’re probably right but we offer neither.
We won’t splash out more than 100m for a couple of world class player no matter how desperate we are.
Even our biggest signing, Lacazette, who cost 50m was balanced out in the same transfer window, and we broke even.
That tells you everything you need to know about our ambitions.
With our owner it’s all about profit over success, and Wenger is the perfect manager to achieve this.


We offer high wages, which is what players want. Lacazette is on 200k, which is more than Morata but less than Lukaku. Reckon we should of gone for Morata on that basis but in terms of wages Lacazette is a pretty huge investment for the club.


I get what you’re saying, but I feel like you’re looking at it from a worst case scenario POV. We have two ways to qualify for the Champions League next year. And we have a good shot at both.

The signing of Sven Mislintat is also huge and the powers that be wouldn’t have brought him on board if they had no ambition whatsoever. We also have an exciting bunch of youngsters coming through – yeah most probably won’t reach dizzying heights but if one or two turn out to be diamonds then it’s a win.

And whatever you think of Wenger, I genuinely believe this club is his life and each loss hurts him. He isn’t purposely trying to sabotage us. He’s also still an attraction for various players in Europe. The club is still an attraction for players in Europe. If we can pay Theo Walcott £20m a week then we can certainly pay an actual decent player high wages. We’ll have to see how the next couple of windows pan out, but we’re certainly not in dire straits… yet.


For a single season


He was probably told that Ozil and Sanchez were going to sign new contracts because when he signed for us it was fairly early in the transfer window which means he knew he was coming here at the end of last season.
So it was still possible they could stay at that point.

One thing I’m sure of, is that trying to lure Lacazette with the prospect of playing with Ramsey, Walcott and Iwobi, rather than Ozil and Sanchez, wouldn’t have been easy.


Maybe. But then you could argue that Özil signed for us when we hadn’t won anything in almost 10 years. We didn’t have any top-tier players then, either – unless the prospect of playing with Sanogo and Bendtner was too good an opportunity for him to turn down.


That’s true, but we did have CL football every season and maybe Wenger promised him that he was going to start spending big on world class players.
He was also clearly going to be our best player and might have been flattered by the chance to have a team built around his skills after being a make weight in the Bale deal at Real Madrid and knowing he was surplus to requirements there, but I agree, it was a quite unexpected, if welcome, signing.

Whatever Ozil’s motives for signing for us were, and if Wenger made him certain assurances that weren’t kept, who knows?
But he hasn’t seen anything to make him want to stay, so it’s fairly obvious that what ever reason he and Sanchez are leaving, could be the same reason any prospective top player won’t want to come here either.

i just think that next season if we are out of the CL, and we have no world class players, it’s going to be a struggle to get any of that quality to come here, and let’s face it, we need several.

Just replacing Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla will only get us back to the level we have been at the last few seasons.
To get us challenging for the PL is going to take some serious investment and I can’t see that happening with Kroenke and Wenger controlling the clubs finances.


Once the “new” player sign for us, start training and play in real games, they will start realizing the reality, understand what kind of a football club Arsenal are, and what kind of manager Wenger is.

Lacazette has a very high chance to follow the Ozil/Sanchez path.


Christ alive. Talk about glass half empty.


Apparently everyone but players are aware of Arsenal & it’s shortcomings.
Players only find out after they join the club.


I suppose the period prior to signing Ozil & Sanchez everyone always talked about the stadium debt as the reason we didn’t compete, so it’s feasible to think after they signed they thought times were changing.


Obviously. That’s why they don’t renew their contracts (O & S)…


You think he wouldn’t have just gotten his agent to talk to their agents? Laca knew exactly what he was signing up to.


I don’t know.
Maybe when he was talking to Wenger about joining us that he convinced him that those two would be staying.
But I suppose if we were the only club in for him and were offering good wages, he saw a good opportunity to come to the PL and play for a big club, even if we weren’t in the CL.

If he becomes a big success, then he will probably do what every other world class player has done to us when they realise we don’t meet their ambitions.


He’d be a total fucking idiot to believe that.

I’d wager that he wasn’t told that, and wager even more that he wouldn’t have believed it either.