Alexis Sánchez


Fuck sake lol, Didn’t scroll up and assumed we we’re still talking about the video of him recieving the presents


His dogs look happy with that gift :hipster:. He is staying :wink:


I want Alexis gone so I don’t associate owning dogs to cringe-ness.


That’s the worst reason for wanting a player to leave I have ever heard.


What about him liking Manchester City tweets? :joy:


He’s an independent man, free to like whomever tweets he wishes. :slight_smile:


I follow Mendy and Batshuayi on Twitter and like their tweets all the time. And what?! :sunglasses:


Nominated for October player of the month?! The fuck did he do? Apart from the Everton game lol

Nacho deserves it though everyone vote for him!!



Kinda hard to even give a shit anymore.

We’re shit with world class players, we’re shit without them. Such is life.



Mr positive has arrived

(He’s right)


I know, I know, I just find myself in a really apathetic mood with Arsenal recently - along with this forum - which I never believed would have been possible a few years ago.

Hell we’ll probably win tomorrow which would have given younger me false hope that we might even mount a title resurgence, but I know better now. I feel like I’m slowly turning into Len.


How old is current you?


27 and a half.


Ah, but you must know the Arsenal rule? Are you nearer 28? Because that’s how it works. Fractions.


Yes. Fuck sake I was only depressed about Arsenal now I’m depressed that I’m staring thirty in the face.

Why god why. We had a deal.




Yeah yeah I know Friends quotes. Of by heart. Proper hardcore fan.

But anyway. I am 28. I am nearer 30 than you.


Try being 29 thats when the anxiety kicks in :joy:


OMG that is well old. Retire.