Alexis Sánchez


My heart bleeds for him :wink:


I still prefer him to stay than Ozil, he along with Kola was the most exciting player on the pitch yesterday


I can think of others.


He will also likely miss out on a run right to the very end of the Champions League.


Just my preference…
It is not good to over-dribble no matter what… but I’d rather have Sanchez (and Ozil) to have the ball 90% of the time, got dispossessed a lot, and still better than seeing Iwobi, Theo, Ramsey, Bellerin to dribble.


What’s your beef against Iwobi?


Because Iwobi has no beef???


We’ve bought Alexis’s dogs Christmas presents to intice him into signing that new contract :wink:


If he signs another contract with us, I’ll buy him any dog he wants.
This really isn’t going to happen.
It’s the equivalent of being dumped by your girlfriend and then sitting outside her house with presents for her while she is on the phone making arrangements to meet her new boyfriend.


I’d love him to stay, but if he wants to be a mug and spend mucho time on the bench (which we all know is not his favourite position) at City, then so be it. Tarra, chook.


Channeling your inner Cilla Black eh?



They’ll be wearing sky blue ones next Christmas


Lazio can’t afford him :wink:


Given he’s going for a grand total of 0 quid maybe they can :rofl:


Well we can sign messi for £0 this summer so it dosent really matter


He put them straight in the bin after the pic


LOL so true


Not true at all, he put them on the dogs as soon as he got home if you’d like to check his (or their) Instagram


I don’t think you understand what’s been said.