Alexis Sánchez


Vieira and Fabregas didn’t want to be on our team at times, we kept them, became Invinsible with Vieira. We should of kept Fabregas longer. Suarez didn’t want to be at Liverpool and nearly won them the league. Gerrard wanted out of Liverpool to goto Chelsea, supposedly got threatened into staying by local Scouse gangsters.

In any professional career comprimises can be made.


Different situations. Those type of players can be made to get on board when the train is headed towards titletown. When the train is derailing Fabregas goes to the F1 races.


The fucking picture :joy:


I think the saddest thing is the fact that for the last 4 & 3 years respectively we have had players of the calibre of Ozil & Sanchez and haven’t built a squad/ system close to challenging, if we had we probably wouldn’t be in this contract situation mess.


Yeah That Cech transfer window hurts.
Albeit we had a pretty good squad, that was a good opportunity to add another world class player to the mix.

We have just won back to back FA cup. Ozil & Sanchez were happy. Thing were looking up.
We really should have used that stability to add more class players. We fucked up that summer window.


Just saw this in the Beeb’s gossip column:

Former Arsenal midfielder Paul Merson says his old club were wrong not to sell Sanchez as they needed money to spend on defenders. (Sky Sports)

And Manchester City are already preparing to make a lower bid for the Chile striker in January. (Sky Sports)

Erm, am I missing something?


100% fact if we sold him he likes of Merson and wright would be just as outraged


No-one allowed to stick with their convictions in Kaner-world then. Everything has to be a contradiction.


Tbf, he’s probably right, but who gives a fuck what Merson or Wright think? We should’ve sold him, obviously.


At least they would have paid cash money for the privilege now he’s going to fuck off and do it for nothing.


OA posters offer much better tactical insight and football knowledge than they do!

Opinionated and unintelligent clowns


Some do maybe


I still can’t decide which would’ve been the least worse situation, so just perched nonchalantly on the fence. Sanchez isn’t going to be enjoying the rest of his time here tho, even if he’s good enough to put in 80% performances on the pitch. Not great for team spirit, I can see plenty of on field antics when we’re losing games.


I think there’s an argument to be made that the best approach is to bench him until he’s ready to play nice.

He does have an incentive to start rowing in the same direction as the team because it’s a World Cup year. He’s an automatic pick for Chile but he’ll want to have game fitness under his belt.

If he starts losing focus after signing a pre-contract with City in January, I say put him on gardening leave. It’s unlikely we’ll be near the top four in January anyway.


City technically can’t officially discuss a pre contract deal, they have to wait till he a free agent first. However foreign clubs can discuss and agree pre contractual terms with Alexis which works in our favour slightly.

Not sure City will still be interested in a 29 YO Alexis and I doubt Alexis will pledge himself to City informally in Jan, he’ll want to keep his options open imo


Ah wasn’t aware of the embargo on domestic pre-contract talks. Right on.

I know he’s a great player but I’ve always wondered why Pep was so dead set on working with him again. He doesn’t strike me as the easiest guy to coach and Pep is pretty demanding.


Arsenal were indeed the best from 1997 - 2007.

Then it just went shit year after year with no changes.

I feel like they, including Alexis and Ozil joined this club based on Wenger’s lies. False promises amongst other things.

Why’re they both on the bench - no reason except that Wenger doesn’t care anymore.


We should have signed a winger/attacking midfielder regardless of what happened to Sanchez. If Sanchez and Ozil both decide to leave we’re left with Iwobi, Walcoitt and Welbeck in a years time. It was just basic squad planning. But since we have so much rubbish…


Nothing remotely obvious about it. You hand Alexis to city you hand them the title and ruin any opportunity we have of getting back in the champions league.

If RVP to united was wrong, Alexis to city is wrong. End of.


I don’t think there should be an “if” in that sentence. :wink:

We got money for RVP, even if Wenger didn’t replace him adequately but we could have got more than 50m for Sanchez and got a decent replacement early in the transfer window.
But because Wenger is such a ditherer, he waited until the season started and everyone could see how inept we were, and no decent player would come here.

This means we are going to lose Sanchez to Man City anyway and get no one to replace him, as well as receiving no money for him.

I don’t think we are handing them the title and I certainly don’t think selling him would ruin any chance of us getting into the CL because Wenger has seen to that with his failure in the transfer market.

Sanchez was here last season and we didn’t make the top four, so I hardly think an unhappy Sanchez is going to make any difference anyway.