Alexis Sánchez


Tbf we haven’t really advanced his career in any significant way as Liverpool did with Suárez, if anything we’ve just given him a bunch of false promises and wasted his prime years at a dysfunctional/poorly managed club, so I’m not sure selfish is really the word.


Hah I wish, Sanchez is going to tell us to fuck off


Different situation. Suarez had interest from a foreign club and not a domestic rival, to whom we don’t want to sell to, he also had a longer contract already and received a pay bump. In Sanchez case’ it’s for the best to let clubs bid against each other from january on.


Yeah it’s obviously best for him to do that, more options, bigger signing on fee/wages etc. It’s a no brainer really. I wasn’t being entirely serious anyway, I don’t expect him to do us a favour, but it’d be nice.


Suarez wouldn’t have signed a new contract if he only had one year to go, no player would because all you’ll be doing is fucking over the teams who want to sign you by making them spend an unnecessary 80 million quid or whatever


It’s going to be interesting to see how he reacts after what he probably perceives as being messed around by the club. Let’s be honest even if he never played for us again teams would still snap him up come Jan or in the summer


The current AKB stock answer to every question: Reiss Nelson.


I find these stories about City being furious with us absolutely hilarious.

It was those cheeky pricks who waited right until the last two days to bid to try and corner us, and not only wouldnt give us a player as part of the deal but gave us no time to find a replacement.

Go fuck yourselves XD


Tbf, its pretty much all we got to look forward to this year…

For me, I expect 6th, so I am sufficiently beat down to not be massively disappointed… I am just excited now about watching how Iwobi, Nelson, AMN (?), and Laca/Kola develop/adjust. Otherwise, I expect it will be caustic year at the Emirates.


Watch him do absolutely fuck all this season because he’s only 17 years old.


WTF do they want? We are comical, but he signed jack shit yesterday.


Sell star player to a rival: LOL RUBBISH CLUB WHAT A MESS ROFL.

Dont sell star player to a rival: LOL RUBBISH CLUB WHAT A MESS ROFL.

Sort it out lads.


Yeah it is quite funny.
Whenever Persie topic came up, everyone insisted we should have hold onto him.
Lapped up Dortmund for holding onto Lewandowski.

Arsenal does the same with 2 players at cost of around 100-120m; but nothing changed.


It isn’t that simple though… had we stuck to our guns and stayed consistent, would have been ok with him staying… it is the way it all went down so late that makes us look like mugs and probably antagonized unnecessarily Sanchez…

And big pic, without more long-term reinforcing, we are left with massive risk going into NEXT year (and then have last year contract redux coming up)… seriously, not sure how anyone can look at all this in the gestalt and feel ok about it.


If you see the reaction of City fans and their rage with us not selling Sanchez to them. You know it’s already worth it keeping him.


Shitpost. Probably copied from some other losers twitter.


There is always some convoluted explanation behind why the club is wrong, when in reality, fans just need something to moan about.


I would argue it takes more convolutions to explain the behavior and results of the club in the last few years honestly, but I doubt we will agree so I respect your view.


This is based on media speculation. For all we know, there was nothing happening at all.


Guys just imagine for a moment seeing Alexis wearing that powder blue, scoring a goal for city, running up to the fans tapping the badge at the Emptyhad. At the end of the season he and Pep hugging and laughing, holding up the PL trophy hand in hand. But we’d have that £60m in the bank to help you sleep at night right? Lol you Arsenal fanatics are hilarious.