Alexis Sánchez


What is the question?


Jesus christ


^^^^^ Alexis liked this on Twitter lmao.


God, so many people with untreated mental issues online.


So what’s up guys?


The timing could not have been better lmao :joy:



Only if we fucking sign off on it.


Doesnt say when though :henry2:


oh so this is what @Persona gets up to at home


Obviously not me…It’s not ABBA.

We were closer now Alexis
Every hour every minute seemed to last eternally
I was so afraid Alexis
We were young and full of life and none of us prepared to let you leave
And I’m not ashamed to say
The roar of rumours and transfer bids almost made me cry

I school that guy in lyrical genius. :sunglasses:


So? :xhaka:


Next season, for free.


seems as if he’s staying now as it looks like we aren’t signing Lemar, even if he does leave on a free he better not sulk as season and just cause constant arguing in the dressing room


Honestly very interested to see what state of mind of mind Sanchez is in this season. His head already drops as soon as things don’t go our way


Fucking stupid as fuck from the club. Just sell him, this isn’t gonna be our last chance to buy his replacement and there will probably be better options in future windows. Gonna be really furious if the day ends and he’s still an Arsenal player.


If Sanchez spends the season acting like a cunt it shows a lot about him.

Players cant complain when they sign a contract and the club honours it. You signed for 4 years, youre playing for us for those years, get over it.

If you didn’t want to be here for 4 years you shouldnt have signed.


Embarrassing to say the least. Sell him. He won’t perform for us.


Keep him - It’s the smart thing to do gives a chance to compete and a yr to plan and prepare for replacements

If he’s upset should direct his anger at City who waited to the last days to push for a deal.

If he’s still here after the window shuts. I think he’ll be relatively motivated and focused


Who cares how he acts? Absolute best case he acts perfectly, performs just as he did last season–remind me how we finished last season, and he leaves for free next summer. Moderate/probable case he doesn’t perform as well as last season, while still behaving for the most part…Worst case he is a constant headache, in and out of the lineup. All the cases end the same, with him leaving for a free at the end of the season and with us accomplishing fuck all this season.