Alexis Sánchez


Sounds risky if both women are in the same profession


Hahah enjoyed that one. Played sir.


Fair do’s.:coq:


Will say a lot about the size of each club if Arsenal keep Alexis with one year left on his deal and Liverpool lose Coutinho with five


Don’t think it does tbh.


5 european cups vs 0 says a bit more imo

not to be a prick. Actually I am a prick



But Liverpool arnt a bigger club than us though


Of all the things we could possibly be “we’re the bigger club” about, selling players to Barcelona isn’t one of them.


It doesn’t prove who is the bigger club if Liverpool spend the money they receive from Barcelona on a couple of world class players, while Sanchez runs down his contract and sulks, and then walks to one of our rivals after a poor season.


Imagine Lolpool buy Seri and Lemar with that 100m and then Sanchez signs for them next year on a free. :open_mouth:


Lethal Bizzle ITK. :kos2:

(As some have pointed out…Xhaka is also out of the country, so…)


Like Kolasinac, Mesut…


This guy is not even funny. He should try a better joke.


Confirmation he’s staying? :wink:


but probably, as I said before, the is in Paris with his girlfriend thanks to the two days off conceded by Arsène. Xhaka and Laca are in Germany, for example…


How did retweets & likes count reduce with time?

Edit - I am stupid at times.


It’s a different tweet. He deleted the one which marked his location


I hate Twitter. It is capable of creating a story out of nothing.


More pathetic Twatter nonsense I’ve been sadly unable to avoid offending my eyesight with :+1: