Alexis Sánchez


And then watch them failing. Win-win situation :wenger:


Ornstein has just come out and said Alexis’ injury is legitimate.

Take of that what you will.


Never doubted it. But it was always going to be ammunition for the naysayers.


Ornstein aint no doctor


Did he train too hard after a long holiday?


Strained himself on the pan :joy::joy:


“In the short term he will remain an Arsenal player. Whether we manage to get him to sign an extension or not… we have so far not been able to. On that level I am not superbly optimistic. We have the firm intention not to sell him.”


No way he signs here.

Wouldn’t be surprised if he hands in a transfer request.


Who looks more bored Alexis GF or Alexis? :coq:


The woman in front of them.


Dont need him


It’s a 12-second clip ffs. Is anyone supposed to brimming with enthusiasm 100% of the time? I’d like to see what was happening on the pitch between 35:32 and 35:44. You know, just in case it wasn’t a particularly exciting moment.


The only thing I read from that 12 second clip is that Alexis and his GF are probably having problems. The distance between them, her body arched away from him. Things aren’t rosy in Casa Sanchez.

I would say my heart bleeds but meh


He knows it is gonna be difficult for him to play with :laca: and :giroud3: in such a big form :wenger:


This. Hopefully that could entice some top quality players next summer- “you’re going to be the main man, replacing Sanchez, and we’re going to play exactly the same way we did in 2017/18” (depending, of course, on what happens this season)

I think with Sanchez playing out his contract, it wouldn’t make him as much of a bastard as the likes of Cole, RvC, Samir Lesbian and C*ntegras. He’d have been a servant of the club for the best years of his footballing life and he’d leave happily for pastures new.


How is it any different? If he doesn’t sign it means he wants to leave just like all of them and the only difference would be that the club was willing to sell those players (mostly to rivals) and Wenger has decided to stand firm on this one. I never got any sense that those players weren’t willing to see out their contract if forced to.

Ashley Cole is of course a bastard though :grin:.


I’m betting most of the ground wore that expression.


lil bitch better play out his skin when hes back


Lol seriously?

You’d think the laughing face would give it away as a non serious post?:neutral_face:


Isn’t this the equivalent of your girlfriend being a dancer and your wife whose injured forcing you to go watch her dancer friends in action. On a Friday night no less.

I’d be pissed as well.