Alexis Sánchez


Enough of the crunch machine mate!!


£80m from PSG, and he can leave.

Replace him with Lemar and Seri, and we can move on.


We’d still be short on goals but given the situation that’s about as well as we could do, doubt the rumours of 80 million quid are true though.


I’d take £80m if he has 3 years left on his contract to be honest if the circumstances were difrent

Still kinda think I’d prefer wenger to stick to his guns though, if we do keep him for the last year of his contract even with £80m bids coming in that would be a real show of strength


This is the guy who played - and scored - for Chile with only 1 leg!



The guy was doing bicycle kicks in training. He’s fit as a fiddle.

Think one of two things is at play:

  • Wenger doesnt feel Alexis is mentally prepared to play or isnt fully committed just yet.

  • This is the usual ‘‘kiss of death’’ injury prior to a move

Still think its really odd nothing has been said by Sanchez’ representatives on his situation.


£80m for a player with one year left on his contract AND the club being out of the premier league is too much to turn down.

Can’t see us getting that figure for him though if we do wish to sell.


he was kissing the badge in training and walking round looking happy as ever after the charity shield, he’s such an odd character its kinda hard to tell whats going through his head


It’s not odd if the injury is real, and he’s just going to see out his contract.



Why can’t you tell then senile old man.


Why wouldn’t a manager detail private, confidential matters in a scenario that is all about negotiation and power?



You are not open to any offers and you won’t sell the player but you cannot detail private, confidential matters because you need power in negotiations? What negotiations exactly if you won’t sell and are not open to offers?



My point is, is that you’re clutching at straws if you’re criticising (abusing) Wenger for that…


No. I am critical of him because he is obviously opened to selling Sanchez and still doesn’t know what will happen and I am of the opinion he should sell him under no circumstances and should have buried the case long time ago. Instead he leaves doors opened. He enters yet another season unprepared, loose ends dangling all over the place. Once more he is trying to be the fox that is going to outsmart everyone, in which he has failed on numerous occasions already.

If you are really not going to sell, there are only two possible answers to that question (any offers for Alexis): A: Yes, but we won’t sell. B: No, but we won’t sell even if any do come in. I can’t tell you but we won’t sell is super controversial.


One of the most odd criticisms of Wenger is that he is somehow ‘senile’ - I hear it at the ground quite a lot. If anything it proves his superior intelligence given that he is anything but.


[quote=“RichardDeP, post:4088, topic:98, full:true”] If anything it proves his superior intelligence given that he is anything.

What is that supposed to mean?


Anything but* - unfortunate time for a typo from atop my high horse :wink:


I think he is detached from reality hence the senile bit.


PSG no longer interested according to various French outlets. They’re focusing on Mbappe.