Alexis Sánchez


But why? There is some additional European immigration requirement that can only be dealt with in Paris? And only applies to footballers?

Maybe he just prefers to fly back through Paris?


There is the main office in Paris.


Main office of what? And what do they do there?


Immigrations. You can’t enter in Europe illegally.


So Paris is the only place a non EU citizen can legally enter Europe? That’s just not correct on any level.

Seems direct flights between Chile and the UK pretty much don’t exist (Google). That seems much more likely explanation to me.



I’m unsure what you think that proves. It certainly doesn’t have anything to do with the legalities of entering The EU.


Ok, AlexisSànchez was in Paris to sign fr the Paris FC, the small club of Paris who dream to respond with the chilean when PSG will announce Neymar. :handshake:


Lol. As I said above it’s probably just because there are no direct flights.


British Airways have direct flights from Santiago to London.




Every time sanchez posts a picture on a plane he’s usually on a private jet anyways. I imagine he doesn’t fly commercial much.


Ok, I got that wrong. But your explanation is also wrong.

In other news if you need a flight booked somewhere don’t ask me to Google it for you. :joy:


Tbf it does seem that he has to sort some visa issues in Paris before he joins with the team. That’s a quote from Wenger from 2014 on the topic and given that he’s in Paris again one can assume that it’s some similar issue:

But Wenger revealed: “I don’t think Sanchez will come to Austria because he has to go to Paris to get a visa, so he will only go to London Colney on Tuesday and we come back on Thursday, so he will work in London.”


Si Señor!:sanchez2:


He’s back… for good, hopefully :sanchez2:


His dogs are always with him :xhaka:.


Now sign the bloody contract


Hopefully he’s in a good mood when he decides upon signing the contract


There’s more chance of Atom and Humber running out of Pedigree Chum than there is of this guy signing anything more with The Arsenal