Alexis Sánchez


Not convinced this is accurate but good for Wenger if true.

I’ve been steadfastly against selling Sanchez but you’d have to do it for £90M. Its hard to see even City paying that much money, or close, for a player with one year left on his deal. But I guess you never know.


Man City have got loads of very good midfielders, perhaps they could let us have Silva and 40m.
Although Aguero and Lacazette upfront would be interesting.
But there is no way Man City are going to pay 90m for a player they could have after this season for free.


Think I’d be very comfortable if we got £90m for Sanchez, a player in the last year of his contract.

If he does go it’ll probably be for nearer £50m


We won’t get £90m lol

I’d take £50m to be honest, as long as it went towards James/Lemar/Mahrez etc.


I think he goes within days of us (hopefully) getting Lemar, I just pray that the Club isn’t flat out lying about the non-domestic sale thing


Has their been actual quotes of Arsenal people saying that though? Because you can’t really trust the ‘sources close to the club told me’ from journalists every time.


90 mil for Sanchez would be great. We could get Mahrez/Lemar and one CB with that amount of money.


I’d hate seeing him go to City or any other rival come to that

He would make any of them an awful lot better imo



That’s a stellar production rate in 144 games, Jugadorazo :heart_eyes:


I would sell him for 70 million, if that means we bring in Mbappe with the extra cash and a midfielder. My logic for doing that is simple, I think we can do with some freshness in the team, the more the better. Also, it’s high time we started a season all excited about our team, not knowing what to expect with all the new players.


And 3 years later we are gonna sell him :hipster:


On Sanchez
Asked if he still insists on not selling Alexis to a rival, “Yes, that’s the continuity from what I said. Yes, that’s what we’ll do.”


Who do you consider your rivals?



And it’s only gonna get better too, barring injury I can see Alexis hitting a 100 goals & 50+ assist before he leaves.

Are we fuck, Alexis is going no where.

Vamos Jugadorazo :wenger:


Wenger on Alexis




If Alexis has informed the club that he wants to leave:
AW: " NO"





He wouldn’t say Yes now, would he