Alexis Sánchez


Same for Hazard two seasons ago. Didn’t he score his only goal in the last game or something like that?
Let’s just sell Alexis to wherever he wants except a PL club. He could stay and become a legend here, but he’s just another player that doesn’t stick around the same club more than 3 seasons. There’s a lot of them lately.


He isn’t a team player, he constantly goes on selfish dribbles and passes to the opposition breaking down our attacks. He scores a goal and most fans forget but it still impeded our play before he scored.


I actually think Sanchez will still be a top player in his 30s. His level of fitness and conditioning is such that he’s more likely to be of a high fitness level as he ages. That and the fact he might actually become a smarter player as he gets older.

I might be wrong but he has to be one of the fittest players in the world.


He did his job for us very well and always gave everything he could, but it is like at work: if you don’t like it anymore you can leave.


This is true but why do all our best players leave?
I still believe if Wenger had bought a couple of world class players the season after he bought Sanchez, we wouldn’t be in this mess, and Sanchez and Ozil might have signed new contracts, and we might have had a chance of winning the PL.

Like all the other top players that have left, he has seen through Wenger and the board, and realised their ambitions don’t match his.


I understand him, but i don’t like the fact he is using the money as an excuse to stay. Just say you want to leave and let’s move on.


Tbh we don’t even know from which side the news of wanting the money comes. It could very easily come from Arsenal’s side too, as reasoning why Alexis didn’t commit to a new contract. Given how many fans would rather see him gone, it does also seem to work.

In general it’s rather hard to tell right now anyway as we don’t even have much information on the other players either. There’s not been a lot of talk about Özil signing a new contract, despite being back with the team and having more team to think about his future, so there might really be more to this whole topic than we actually know.


There seems to be too much smoke for there not to be fire.

It’s sad that he feels he has to leave, particularly when we’ve brought in Lacazette and could bring in more.

But football is football, but surely the club can get Bayern interested again?


I think the only issue with Bayern will remain the salary. He simply won’t go somewhere to earn around the same that Arsenal pay him now.


Well said, it always interests me how much bad press the agents get, whilst the club seem to get favoured as being ‘held to ransom’ by the player demands. It’s a constant image battle between Arsenal and the Sanchez camp, with both seeking to make the other look bad. Personally I ignore both sides and don’t really care whether he wants out for the money, the trophies or any other reason, it’s enough for me that he wants to leave and that’s well within his right.

#3302 I’m not sure how reliable this is. But just putting up for anyone who hasn’t seen it.


Sanchez didn’t travel to Australia with the rest of the team. Maybe there’s a good reason for it.


Yep bye bye Sanchez, will be great business strengthening our team at your expense - we are The Arsenal !!


Think he is still on holidays, tbh.


The reason is he just had the confederations cup and Wenger always gives players one month holiday.


Yeah, but that just won’t sell news papers cause it’s so sensible and boring. It must be because he has had a big falling out with the manager, the club and everyone else in between and is off to Chile to sulk.


Its because of the Confed Cup

Oh and to finalise his City move.


Aguero, D Silva, B Silva, KDB, Jesus, Sane, Stirling, Sanchez plus probably at least 1/2 more in
Forgetting about, If he goes their absolutely no way he starts most games


He’s not getting sold to City, MM.

We’ll use them to elicit a decent bid from Paris and/or Internazionale tho


Should get Aguero in exchange. Ozil, Aguero and Lacazette. Not bad!