Alexis Sánchez


pep will not allow him to start every match though, Pep rotates a lot and sanchez must know this.


I stand by my original statement.


I wouldn’t mind swapping Sanchez for sane myself


Sane although a very good talent isn’t getting us over the line, though I’m not opposed to laying the foundations for the next manager with quality younger players because we aren’t winning the league again under Wenger anyway.


I’d not be against Sane as part of the deal. Extremely promising player. Absolutely wont happen though lol


Champions League is not our problem when it comes to competing for the title. Our lack of quality is. We still haven’t fixed that properly.


Exactly. Alexis is suited for a fast counter attacking football. Pep is gonna tell him to pass it to death, instead.


I would argue with Lacazette the quality is now there.

Execution is imo what we lack.


Execution is Laca’s quality, though.


I’m officially over Alexis. Time to revolutionize. Lemar, Laca, Mahrez…keep Mesut. GOALS.




Is he the FakeTaxi guy?


I think you guys have convinced me. Sanchez will have a couple more years at his absolute peak and then will be on the downside of his career in the last 2 or 3 years of this latest contract he will sign. He has played so much and refuses to get off the pitch. As he ages that will be a detriment to him. If City are going to offer us £60m + for him I don’t see how we don’t take it, it makes far too much sense business wise. It’s just imperative that we take that money and invest it into the next big thing. Mbappe or Lemar, or both.

I could see Sanchez propelling City to win the title next season ala RVP with united. Our only other option is to buy a couple more very good players this window and then make a run at the title. If we do that Sanchez would probably stay. That’s obviously a big gamble but probably the only way we get him to stay.


:joy: That’s what people think, their voices are near identical.


Apologies, i meant as a whole unit, and not Laca specifically.


No he’s 100% not the fake taxi guy… don’t ask why I’m so sure please


I’m not even sure how well Guardiola and Sanchez got on when at Barça. I remember reading a few years ago that in his final year there Pep was most frustrated with Sanchez and Fabregas. He didn’t really fit his system too well if I remember correctly.

He may well end up at City, it’s a different system and a different league, but I think some sections if the media may be overstating the importance of both being at Barça


Lol At Arsenal fans thinking he will be a squad player… he’s the best player in the Premier League.


Remember how Juan Mata went from being voted the player of the season for Chelsea two years in a row, to sitting on the bench with Mourinho at the helm. No one saw that coming.


But that was a new manager coming in and not fancying a player who was already there, it’s not analogous to Pep making the decision himself to go out and sign Alexis Sanchez.