Alexis Sánchez


what does this even mean?


Total xG’s…by Studio Line.


Why don’t you stop acting like a petulant little child?

Life is full of mysteries isn’t it? :smile:


Story sounds suss to me, despite myself bringing it up in this thread.

He would’ve left by now, or there would be serious murmurs of offers from other clubs to buy out his contract.

If he truly was stalling over these wages, he’d be insane. It doesn’t seem like an Alexis thing to do.

I’d be very surprised if he doesn’t sign a new contract with Arsenal.


I’d say he in particular unlike Ozil should have signed already.

He’s the one with interested clubs and the longer it drags on the worse it looks especially when our remaining business supposedly hinges on him and Ozil.

Why is he going to stay? What’s the incentive, playing in Europa league with no reasonable shot at winning the PL during his peak years? Nah


I don’t think Sanchez is that bothered if any other club put in a bid for him.
If they don’t, and he performs for us like he did last season, he will walk away from here for nothing and the club he goes to will give him the biggest signing on fee in football.

We could give him a season extension on his contract, making it two years, with a signing on fee of around 20m, then sell him at the end of next season, which means he gets 20m and we will still get what ever he is worth when we sell him.


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Take £60m from city and invest it in Lamar!

Either Sanchez ends up being a super sub for hem like the last time he played for pep or he is a starter for them and they don’t play the style of football we all know pep is best at, can’t really see any other outcome than that if he goes to city


I don’t see Sanchez being the key that unlocks the title for City like RVP was for United so I’m not averse to selling him to City for 60-70m and investing that money in Lemar and someone else.


The way I see it if Sanchez is a starter for city then their is no way they can truely play peps brand of football


I agree with this. I think him being the main man at Arsenal for 3 seasons will mean he’s going to go to City and adopt the same selfish one man mentality he has at Arsenal.


Well maybe Pep needs to adapt.

And if he’s going after Sanchez he would know what he’s doing, think some of you are underestimating the effect he’d have at City tbh.


I’m sure he would do very well as an individual and score and assist at a high rate just not sure how much better he would make city as a whole

Similar to giroud here I guess he just doesn’t suit the way their manager wants to play and have got all his success playing that very perticular style


Does he not make our side better as whole?

Doesn’t high productivity with scoring, assisting and pressing in a team that will be better than us tactically improve them as a whole?

You’re acting as if he isn’t a team player.


If sanchez goes to city i will laugh. Wasnt it Pep that he had a huge falling out with wasnt it pep that was utterly fed up with his petulance and attitude wasnt it pep that found it hard to work with him. Why does he think it will be better the 2nd time around, they are both the same people, people are set in their ways and people will not change…sooooooo good luck with that sanchez.

The day he is benched is the day he will be a grumpy looking sod, the day he is subbed out comes the petulance. I have been saying this for a long time now, he maybe a brilliant footballer but he is a petulant and selfish individual and a lot of the times that shows up on the pitch.

We lose a match its him sulking like a prick but a lot of the times it is him that has to look in the mirror also some of those losses were down to him playing like a dick not scoring good chances or losing the ball in a stupid area. The rest of the team has to suffer him he is very fast at shifting blame he has done it even at Barca, say what you like but i think people even at barca didnt like him, loved his skill etc but as a person i reckon not so much!


Just sign or leave.

Just like the Wenger contract saga, this lingering does nobody any good. If he wants to go, just go so we can move on with pre season looming. Had enough of this waiting around shit. We need to start being pro-active and get our team ready for next season. With no Europe we should be aiming for the title from the off.


Europa League!


Well to be fair seems like he wants out and it’s the club and Wenger that is dithering.


I don’t understand why Alexis would be “desperate” to join City anyway. We’ve seen the way he strops when he even gets substituted. What will he be like at a team like City, who are pretty top heavy - he won’t be the main man and game time could be limited.

Whatever the story though, this needs to be resolved pronto. Don’t want it dragging out all summer only for him to feck off on 30 August.


Who is keeping Sanchez out of the team at City? Stirling, Sane?

He’s guaranteed one of the first names on the team sheet if he makes the switch.