Alexis Sánchez


Guess he is the dog behind our Twitter account. Good choice Alexis!


Did he look like he hurt his hamstring ?


Correct decision to take him off, with Liverpool 3-0 up


scoring in his last premier league appearance for Arsenal, good way to say goodbye


Ruh roh, he better be good for next week.


Fucking hell that was quick. Already sold him :sanchez2:


Hahaha looks like that deal is further along than we realised.

Alexis has probably already told the Chilean FA that he’s going to Bayern.


Eehhh no we didn’t


For the last time





“Chile mistakenly list Alexis Sanchez at Bayern Munich leaving fans panicked”
“Arsenal supporters were given an almighty scare”

Have a day off. :xhaka:


haha not the best photo of Ozil


Same with Alexis with that red cast :sanchez2:


yeah but Ozil looks like the sun got the best of him



Hard to turn down £50m for a man in his last year who wants to leave.

I’d be perfectly happy with keeping him and making the most of his last year here but I wouldn’t mind £50m either even if a like-for-like replacement would be difficult to find.

But, once we sell him and end up inevitably replacing him with a Gervinho-esque level player, we are officially back in the Banter Era. Banter Era v2.0.


That’s decent money for a player that clearly isn’t going to sign a new contract and who we will lose for nothing after a season.
Wenger has got himself in a mess over Sanchez.
He knows if he sells and doesn’t adequately replace him, the supporters will be rightly unhappy but if he runs down his contract and lets him go for nothing, possibly to another PL club, that would be worse.

If it’s true that Bayern are willing to pay that, I would take it, and spend it, as well as the other 100m or so we have swilling around in the bank, on two or three top quality players.

If we do this, at least it might persuade Ozil to sign a new contract.


We can win the league next year and convince him to stay. I think he’s going to sign this summer anyways.


I mean forcing him to stay, you know he will still give it 120%. He won’t sulk on the bench.

Keep him, spend every single penny we have on insane wages for world class players and win the league next season and he might sign a new contract.

However, if the last 13 years are anything to go by that is exactly something we won’t do.

I think the writing is on the wall with Sanchez and we’ce been very fortunate to get an offer like that.


Maybe he’ll be stoked to win the EL? Wenger says we can win the league with this team, so maybe next year is our year. Mahrez in for Theo and Santi back fit for the entire season, Ox develops as the best rwb in the world, we got this.