Alexis Sánchez


[quote=","]“I cannot tell you now (about my future). We have to wait until the end of the season. As I always say, it doesn’t depend on me. It depends on the club. What they like, what they don’t like.

"I always said the same: I try to do my best, to support the team, to score goals, to win victories, and we will see at the end.

“If they like that I carry on, or they don’t. Whatever they want, we will see it at the end of the tournament.”

He’s still insisting the onus is on the club, which makes me think it’s a money issue and not a competitive one


It’s probably both. He also said, when asked to explain his numerous outbursts: "Because sometimes when I look at the team we have and the players here… because when it comes to winning the Premier League we often lose or draw against teams at home when we are superior.

“Sometimes the frustration more than anything is about the fact we could be challenging for the Premier League title.”

He just wants to be a winner!


I think our revenues are similar enough (will obviously fluctuations with CL football etc) and we’ve got 200 million or whatever of cash that most clubs don’t so in terms of affording to spend I don’t think there’s any reason they could do it more than us.

Basically the point is they have Willian, Costa, Hazard, Kante, Pedro and we have 200 million in a bank account. We could have easily swapped some of that 200 million for some of those players (or similar) and have a squad comparable with theirs but we refuse to, so we can’t claim they’re doing well anymore because of money and then by extension claim that we’re not because of inability to spend it.

To establish themselves as a big club, sure that was bent and annoying and it probably punished us more than most at the time but from here I can’t see much they’re doing wrong compared to us. If we’d paid 30-35m for Hazard, Kante, Costa, Luiz over the last 4 years and spent similar on Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil, Sanchez and won the league nobody would say we bought it. Every player at big clubs these days is 30 million.

I can understand it’s a big shift in mentality from how we’ve been in the last decade but from my perspective we could have got Conte, we could’ve got players at Chelsea’s level and we could be celebrating a 90 point season which is why I can’t be fucked with Wenger’s bullshit anymore.


This is why he is our most important player.

He is the most influential player, because of the amount of goals and assists he has.
But he is also has a winning mentality that nearly all our previous best players had, but unfortunately for him, a lot of the players he plays with in this team, don’t
They aren’t at his level, in terms of skill and ability, and most don’t have his mental strength.


He may be defending Wenger publicly there but i still don’t think he’s as tied to him as most of our other players.

I think Sanchez’ position on whether Wenger stays/goes is at best neutral. He wants a lot of money and he wants better teammates than Ramsey


There is far more to wage packages than a flat weekly fee.


No. You’re confusing an accessible wage with an acceptable wage. You’re confusing what Arsenal is capable of and what Arsene Wenger believes.


I agree with this, i am sick to fucking hell of this shit wage structure we have. We are the only club in the fucking world that pays our players like this and it is because of Wenger, i really wish he would fuck off with it, it stifles our club so much.


If you want to mystify the reality (Arsenal are richer than Chelsea, an auto-financial club richer than a club controlled by an oligarch), you’re free to do that.


Why defend Wenger publicly at all then? He hasn’t got a gun to his head so why say anything definitive on Wenger or how he’s been treated?

I think Alexis is naturally grateful to Wenger, after being dumped from Barca, for helping him maintain a high level of individual performance in his own right through tactical freedom. It’s not surprising people who work with Wenger on a almost daily basis adopt a appreciative tone when talking about him.


It’s true that many of our best players are very complimentary toward Wenger and the way he treats them.

Then they leave to go to a bigger club,


Alexis is clearly going to win this award. I’m just wondering about the prize:

One lucky voter will win the chance to present the winner with his award before an Arsenal home game next season PLUS two tickets to that match.

“Sorry, Alexis is busy playing for a better club right now, but here’s Kieran Gibbs to accept the award on his behalf”


In regards to Chelsea they have done like a real life fifa. When you start manager mode what do you do? Put all your dead wood players on the auction block in order to bank roll your attempt to sign top players. Chelsea do this in RL. They only used 18 players this season in the PL. They carry a small squad and sell anyone of value so they can improve their starting xi. It’s a superior model to what we have. I don’t necessarily like it but it works.

The other aspect that I think gets overlooked often in regards to Chelsea is that Abromovich invested heavily in the club. They were never the type of club to have a world wide following, but winning a lot of titles, and silveware has raised their profile. I see a lot of people in California wearing Chelsea shirts, and the pub is packed at 7am for their matches. Scared money don’t make no money. Abromovich can now afford to reign in his spending and just let the club operate like a normal club. But all those years of heavy investment gave them a huge head start agianst most other PL clubs.


I would give that POTY to Ox for his massive improvements this season if Alexis can’t receive it if he leaves.


Again though. Reported wages are so far from what players actually can (and do) earn.

Saying ‘oh player ‘x’ earns ‘y’ per week we can/cant pay that’ simply isnt ever going to be accurate.

Much like the Wenger salary debate, without bonus info, image rights etc etc it’s just largely futile to get into


Is this the first time?

The last POTY to leave us was RVP…


How is Monreal up for nomination??


We’re not richer than Chelsea. About the same in terms of financial firepower I’d say.



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