Alexis Sánchez


He’s close to getting a statue years down the line.


I kinda feel like he’ll never warrant that…unless he stays and breaks Henry’s record or something ridiculous like that.


[quote=“GunnerGirl, post:2531, topic:98, full:true”]
He’s close to getting a statue years down the line.
[/quote]He’ll only ever get one, if we win the Premier League or Champions League. Pointless otherwise dishing them out for nowt.


Good as he may be, statues are for people that don’t necessarily need them. Alexis has the talent, but he has yet to be involved in something that warrants it, through no fault of his own.


him and his dogs


If he decides to sign a contract and be the only cunt that’s ever stayed, he deserves 17 statues.


Lmao yes please. I want to visit the Sanchez, Atom, and Humber statue at the Emirates one day.


I never knew his dogs names until now


shocking. Call yourself an arsenal fan? :wink:


Don’t be fooled by this act, he has photos of Atom and Humber right next to his Bennyoun sex toy.


Winning the title will do the trick for Alexis’ statue to be erected.


could end up winning a title at another club


Instead we burn his shirts and boo him in that case. :slight_smile:


or kidnap his dogs


23 league goals and 10 assists & not in the epl team of the season :joy:


He plays for Arsenal. Enough said :xhaka:



True that!


That’s what Chelsea supporters do in a conversation about football.
They just draw up a shopping list of the worlds best players and say we are going to buy them.

They would do well to remember that before Abramovich they were going out of business because of lack of support and spending more than they were earning.

They have spent a billion pounds on players since he went to their classless club, which proves any success they have had has been bought.
It also proves a lot of their support comes from glory hunting supporters.

I think Sanchez might move on, but he has enough class not to go to Chelsea or Man U, and hopefully it will be to another European club.


If he and Ozil want to move on, because of the drubbing we got from Bayern, they can now stay as we will not be facing them anytime soon anymore


I don’t see why any football fan shouldn’t live in the moment and especially so if that moment is glorious. It’s teams like us and Liverpool who are more fond of our history because it’s better. If your history is shit there’s no reason to remember it.