Alexis Sánchez


Like most footballers they love the adoration of the supporters, especially the supporters that are paying his wages.
If he does go to Bayern Munich, I’m sure he will be beating the badge on their shirt just as enthusiastically as he did ours.


No I saw that and took it as a sign he’s staying.


Yeh, he’s definitely staying now imo.


Accepting a write off of one career season before walking to Chelsea, or a genuine desire to stay at Arsenal?


I bet he stays


Really wouldn’t read too much into tapping the badge tbh.


Fair enough, I did remember him having dry patches and scoring less in the second half but I suppose it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Looking at the games, there were a few games where he had dry patches and a few games that inflate those 17 goals. In 2011 he was averaging a goal a game though from what I remember.


The Agents play a lot of games nowadays. I’m sure Chelsea and any other team will be, and should be, used as leverage to squeeze the most money out of us. I just hope we pay up to keep him.


Every goal scorer pretty much has this though… a few games here where do you don’t score and then a game or two where you bang in 2 or 3. Sanchez has been awesome this season on the whole.


I didn’t even see that as tapping the badge, more like chest-thumping.


I thought the same to be honest. I suspect that he’s right handed and that means he naturally ends up beating his chest on the side that bears the club crest.


Yeah but he was looking down emphasizing the Arsenal badge as he beat his chest.


Eh, fair enough, I haven’t rewatched that moment so was only speaking off what I remembered in the moment. Didn’t realise he was specifically looking down at the badge as he did it.


Tbh it’s probably just me putting an overly positive spin on it, as I’ve been known to do.


Gone in the summer. What a player he is though.


Hit the badge and then points at himself and then the ground… He’s staying. :wink:


Transfer to Stoke confirmed


That’s not what it means in Chile.


What does it mean?


Aww ffs I was trying to set up a joke.